The Finder “The Great Escape” Review

In this week’s episode of The Finder, “The Great Escape,” Walter and his lovely assistants searched for a missing magician’s assistant who turned out to be the mastermind behind a three-person heist that turned deadly.

I liked this case because, as Walter put it, whenever he expected the missing woman to zig, she zagged, and it was a lot of fun to see him stuck ever so often, trying to figure out what to do next. Illusion was the name of the game, and she put up a good chase, culminating in a great arrest scene where Walter basically stuffed her into a suitcase. Hijinks like that happen on Bones, but they often feel slightly out of place. The Finder was made for these sort of light moments. So much so, in fact, that I worry about the time (like next week) when things will inevitably turn darker. Will that be what feels out of place?

Meanwhile, Leo sees Willa’s supposed-cousin coming out of her trailer early in the morning and jumps to the immediate conclusion that she’s having sex. As her boss, he can’t really say anything, so he talks Isabel into having The Talk with his ward. It goes great. Really! I enjoyed watching Willa remind Isabel that she’s the one sleeping around, specifically with Walter. It turns out that my worries last week about what a real relationship would do to Walter and Isabel’s awesome friends with benefit setup were premature. They still seem to have the right balance, although it seems like Isabel has her eyes on greener pastures. She wants to be the Attorney General (a goal that makes me like her even more), but she can’t see a future both in Washington DC and with Walter…until Willa finds a signed picture of Walter and President Obama in his vault.

Ah, yes. The vault. The reason Willa didn’t just run off to rejoin her gypsy family. After overhearing Walter give Isabel the combination so she can bail him out when he and Leo were caught at the crime scene, Willa and her superhuman hearing break into the vault only to find…nothing. That’s not good news for Willa’s cousin, who turns out to be her fiancee, betrothed to her since she was five. He needs a lot of money to buy his way out of the marriage in order to marry a girl he actually loves.

I certainly don’t profess to know everything about this particular minority (although I watched every episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding), but this seemed a little far-fetched to me. I’m going to roll with it, though, on the hope that one day we get to see the leader of Willa’s family, the Shad, on the hope that he will be played by Wallace Shawn.

After hearing about Willa’s arranged marriage, Walter donated some earrings from his vault that Willa apparently overlooked, changed the combination on his vault, and went on being awesome. I think I love Walter, and it’s only partly because he looks fabulous without his shirt on. He’s a truly unique character who has a past and a lot of secrets, but doesn’t let them haunt him or stop him from enjoying the hell out of life.

I also want to mention that I hope the fabulously gay Jonni (played by Wilson Cruz aka Ricky Vasquez) becomes a recurring character. His crush on Walter mirrors my own.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!