Private Practice “Too Much” Review

Private Practice has always raised the bar on the suspension of disbelief, but really it seems like they’re insulting our intelligence to wait this long for Amelia to remember her brother is a world renowned neurosurgeon specializing in hopeless cases. No one else would have been like, “hey, remember that time one of Addison’s loved one had a seemingly inoperable brain condition? Anyone keep in touch with the guy who did that?”

In other improbable situations on “Too Much,” how fast can Mason run? Because Charlotte did leave him alone for about a second, and at a sprint she should have been able to catch up to a small child. The whole handling of Mason about his mom’s situation was bad; Charlotte comparing the knowledge of his mom’s illness to some kind of teenage keeger is a terrible, terrible metaphor. It was pretty heartbreaking when you find out Mason’s so freaked because he thinks they’re hiding the fact his mother is already dead, but that should also wake up the grown-ups to the climate of lies he’s picking up on.

Violet and her younger man just keep getting weirder and weirder. Taking about the printed version of Facebook is not an effective way to flirt with a guy who maybe used Frienster at the earliest. Pretty soon she’s going to be using phrases around him like, “in my day,” and “young feller.” Pete’s revelation that he cares about Violet making out with other guys seemed to soften Violet, but it was surrounded with so much of his normal coldness I find it hard to think that anything is going to change between the two of them.

Just when it seemed like the endless merry-go-round that is Addison and Sam’s relationship might finally be over, they end up having comfort sex. This is what happens when your ex lives next-door. It didn’t really make sense that Riley would be that upset over the revelation they’re still hooking up, the only romantic encounters he’d had with Addison was a drunken proposition he shot down and his quiet insistence he would be artificially impregnating her. Hardly a shift to Facebook official.

In Private Practice’s constant struggle to break all the rules of the normal medical community, Sheldon decided to detox Sam’s sister, a woman with multiple psychiatric disorders who’s been over medicated for decades not in a treatment facility, but in his office. Next to the offices and waiting rooms where the other docs keep their pregnant and children patients. I really thought he might decide temporary commitment was the way to go when Sam reveals she almost burnt their house down because she thought the fire looked cool, but apparently a little pyromania is nothing a tough guy like Sheldon can’t handle. It was a sweet moment at the end when his sister kind of comes out of her drug induced trance to share a nice memory or their childhood. Maybe she can move in and they can work on building a relationship that will distract him from his friendly neighborhood sex buddy.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Derek be able to save Mason’s mom?