I Just Want My Pants Back “Never Trust a Moonblower” Review

I can understand Jason being desperate to get out of his desk job. Between asides from his boss about cat sex and his janitorial duties for the world’s grossest office bathroom it makes sense he’d want to run for his life, but from Linked in to the community bulletin board at Whole Foods, any job seeking avenue seems like a better plan than seeking connections from Lench. Someone who makes booze out of a health-food staple is not the person to go to for career advice. Ending up as an unpaid intern was a step up from were he could have been place, like as the janitor for All Naturals. That’s not something you can put on a resume.

The James Franco rooftop party trumps any “stuff hipsters say,” video in it’s portrayal of Brooklinites completely obsessed with their own hipness. From an obsession with local meat to Brett’s authentic WWI bullet belt, they were cool enough to be on the cover of an Urban Outfitters catalogue. While Tina should have known what she was walking into when she accepted an invite that combined handmade pasta with the famous poet-actor-directer-moody-starer, she shouldn’t have put up with Brett’s neglect, and it was nice to see her stand up for herself. Most of that self-esteem was eroded, however, when Brett unleashed the biting assessment that she was a booty call and not girlfriend material. That’s the kind of harsh comment you can’t bounce back from, even with handmade sea salt chocolates. Part of me hopes they stay together, if only so they can go to another food abased Franco shin-dig in honor of the lesser Spider-man film coming out.

Jason’s job interview was painful to watch, especially since it was completely salvageable after his initial trance. His interviewer was completely ready to dismiss his need to wander off during the middle of an interview as “we’ve all been there.” But he just has to keep rambling like a crazy person about his missing pants and the girl who got away (but maybe it was all a misunderstanding!). It is never a good idea to bring up a lack of pants in an interview.

Stacey and Eric’s attempts to be sexy enough for group sex was the highlight of the night. If I Just Want My Pants Back was following traditional sitcom form the couple would awkwardly try to introduce the idea of starting a foursome with their upstairs neighbors only to learn when they had said they wanted to play with them they meant play an exiting game of Apples to Apples. Their confusion over how to handle two extra bedfellows was equally as amusing. Nothing is as sexy as making someone’s nipple rings meet like magnets. Running out on an orgy was probably a smart move for the two of them. If they weren’t ready to have sex in front of a convenience store owner to prove a point they probably weren’t ready for that. They needed to study anyways.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Should Tina stay with Brett?

  • Kashcopy

    Great re-cap, but FYI, Stacey’s boyfriend’s name is Eric, not Trevor.

  • Anonymous

    It was good. Not as funny as the first two but good.

    I got really annoyed at the interview scene. I was screaming “Dude ace your interview and then find out who that girl in the office is! Chances are somebody knows her.

    I really don’t think Tina should stay with Brett. Their plot was too much drama for an otherwise humorous show.