Royal Pains “Bottoms Up” Review

Royal Pains (USA) Bottoms Up

In this episode of Royal Pains, called “Bottoms Up,” Evan and Paige are part of a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the park. Turns out Evan has some serious acting chops, which he gets to use when the actress playing Puck sprains an ankle and he goes on in her place. Paige utilizes her artistic talents as well and gets an amazing opportunity to work with one of her favorite artist’s because of it. I was a little disappointed in Evan at first when he seemed less than supportive about Paige getting her big chance, but he redeemed himself in the end. I guess now we’re going to have to wait and see if their relationship can handle her being gone that long.

Meanwhile, in addition to the usual medical mystery that Hank has to resolve, there’s still the matter of Jack and his illness. When Jack fires Hank as his doctor, claiming he can’t have two on his insurance plan, Hank bows out gracefully as his MD. Trying to be a good friend, Hank listens to what Jack has to say but doesn’t pry and in doing so, misses some important facts. Like the face that Jack is actually much sicker than he’s led anyone to believe.

As this storyline progresses, we’re seeing more and more what it’s like for Hank to deal with a serious illness from the other side of his white coat. As a doctor, he knows exactly what’s going on with hit patients at every moment, thanks to fancy equipment and lots of tests. But he doesn’t have that luxury with Jack and in giving his buddy the space he’s asked for, I wonder if Hank is going to end up blaming himself when things go wrong. Though I can still see one benefit of Hank being Jack’s friend and not his doctor; when a patient refuses treatment, Hank would have to let them go. But would a friend do that? I think not. So when Hank says he’s planning to drag Jack into the hospital kicking and screaming if he has to, I believe him.

My favorite bits..

“Basically she’s you in a dress.” – Oh man, that’s an image I didn’t need.

Panky? Jackie Boy? Can these guys get any darn cuter?? I’m detecting a Bromance level of at least DEFCON 3.

Evan’s silly little dance while he kept saying “Macbeth” over and over again.

“Maybe next time you just go with Spanx.” – Hey, they work for me.

“Oh my God! Someone tape my mouth shut!”
“I will!”

I’m kinda glad to see that Hank and I each know very little about Mac..oops I mean The Scottish Play.

A friend date? Really VanDyke? Nice try.

“Is that from Zombieland?” – Hahahaha!

Hank finding out that Jack’s disease had progressed even farther than he knew. Oh noes.

Jack saying there was a weird beep on the phone before hanging up on Hank. LOL.

Divya calling VanDyke after finding out that Raj was coming to the play with a date. Desperate times.

Aw, I understand Evan will miss her but that’s an awesome opportunity for Paige.

“It’s not easy for a doctor to say this but, break a leg.”

Evan in that costume. I really wanted to laugh, but I actually found it extremely adorable.

“This is her decision.”
“I bet she can make you believe that.” – Amazing how well Hank knows both Evan and his fiancé.

Hank telling Evan to break a femur. Har.

Raj actually thanking Divya for giving him the chance to move on. Does that mean he’ll let her debt go, too?

Evan playing Puck. Okay I may not know much about Shakespeare, but I still know enough to think that role was made for him. Loved that he was able to pull off the final speech even when the mic broke.

Ugh, every time I start to either like VanDyke or maybe feel sorry for him (like when Divya told him she wanted more), he makes me mad at him again (like when he told her it was her loss).

“You are going to be in demand because you are awesome.” – Aw! Yay Evan.

“You’re really going above and beyond, Hank.”
“That’s what friends are for.”

Poor Jack beating the side of that boat. There was so much in that one gesture.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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