Revenge “Perception” Review

Revenge "Perception" Episode 14 (2)

Next week is the big Fire and Ice party bash we saw in the pilot of Revenge – you know, the one where Daniel gets gunned down and Charlotte and Declan find him in their underwear. If its half as delightful as this episode, it’ll be some show. Revenge keeps topping itself week after week, finding ways within its cheesy melodramatic plot to add layers of complexity to its characters and layers of convolution to its already convoluted plot. This show is such a delight and the writers, directors and actors have really struck the perfect chord in embracing the show’s cheesiness whilst taking these characters and their lives seriously – or, rather, showing that these characters take their lives seriously.

What I love about the show is the fact that, given its title, Emily gets revenge a lot and she gets it in interesting ways. When the show first started, Charlotte and Jack just seemed like filler for the show’s world: Charlotte emphasized Victoria’s awfulness as a mother, while Jack was just the bland childhood beau who may have provided the awkward and dull angle of a romantic triangle. Luckily, the show expanded upon these initial constructions and both characters really came into their own.

Jack, heartbroken over Amanda’s disappearance, finds her after he finds an incriminating tape under his bed. Of course this is partially orchestrated by Emily and, guided by her invisible hand, he realizes that Victoria had an affair with David Clarke and destroyed Amanda’s life where she was in a position to help her. This leads to the climactic dinner scene confrontation, which was executed gloriously. Jack, when angry and with a bit of agency, is a far more compelling character and his devastating revelation regarding Victoria’s affair just got the ball rolling.

Charlotte and Declan have always been fairly dull characters, but of course in this show it’s hard to come close to Victoria’s smile or Emily’s schemes or even Conrad’s indignation. But they’re not players in this game, they’re pawns and Charlotte was oh so gloriously pawned tonight with the revelation of her true paternity.

I cannot wait to see what delightful schemes next week brings, especially now that it appears, as this episode draws to a close, that there is someone out there who is on to Emily in a big way.