Person of Interest “Wolf and Cub” Review

After the last few episodes of Person of Interest focused heavily on the overall mythology of the show, climaxing last week in a close call with a mysterious hacker, we get a pretty standard installment tonight with “Wolf and Cub”.

Our PoI this week, Darren McGrady, was played by Astro of X Factor fame. If anybody is unfamiliar with Astro, he was a very talented rapper on the X Factor, but was overcome by a giant ego and an inability to take constructive criticism. When I found out that he would be guest starring on the show, I was wondering how his cocky demeanor would translate to the screen. It turns out that he just played a cocky kid with a giant ego. That’s playing to his strengths, I guess.

Anyway, the whole episode was about Darren’s brother Travis being killed by gang members. Darren decided to try to go after them himself, but of course Reese steps in to save him and take him under his wing. It was fun to see the whole “Wolf and Cub” dynamic, as Reese talks Darren through his steps for following and apprehending suspects, I just wish that Darren wasn’t so grading of a character. I was going to try to keep track of how many times he said “Yo” or “Dawg”, but I lost count after about 10 minutes.

Even though the majority of the episode was dedicated to the apprehension of Travis’ killers, that isn’t to say that absolutely nothing was moved forward in the overall mythology. Will Ingram, the son of Finch’s old partner, had a pretty major story line here as he came pretty close to finding out about his father’s machine. He seemed to have come to a dead end, and told Finch he was going to Sudan, but I hope he returns soon to find out more about his father’s history.

This was a fun episode of Person of Interest, as just about every episode of this show is entertaining, but I hope we make some major moves in the next few episodes as the first season comes to a close.

Random Thoughts:

– I think “Thighs N’ Fries” might be the best fake name for a fast food chicken restaurant that I’ve ever heard. “Cluckin’ Bell” in the Grand Theft Auto video games is a close second.

– The scene of the gangsters all watching the basketball game reminded me of the episode of The Wire in season one: Game Day. Man, what a good show.

– Is it just me, or has Finch’s limp gotten much better?