Criminal Minds “Snake Eyes” Review

Dialogue between the core characters which did not centre around the case? Banter? Gangster movies conversations? Morgan dripping wet and in a towel? Garcia hammered on wine? Casinos? No pretty young white women victiming up the joint? What is this show? This cannot be Criminal Minds – this episode was amazing!

The unsub (Curtis) was a pathological gambler. It was sort of like Breaking the Waves, only instead of harming himself in order to restore his loved one (or, rather, in this case his luck), Curtis had to harm others.

The episode relied on some real investigative work:

Rossi: “Me, I like to spend my time with my friends at the New Jersey parole board.”

That’s a far better way to get information than relying on Garcia. Reid pointing out that the bowling trophy was a weapon of oppurtunity, clearly not a representative of a premeditated murder? So much smarter than just assuming based on the atmosphere of the room that the killer was likely the submissive half of a partnership who likely worked maintanence. Garcia did some investigative work, sure, but the work she did on the computer was actually realistic: she found out that the second victim was a high priced call girl. No silly parametres.

Convincing Rossi to front Reid the $50,000 for an undercover poker game was not only one of the most entertaining scenes the show has done. It also led to, I think, the one of the best undercover jobs in the show’s history. I only wish it had lasted longer, though that may be because I love a good poker game portrayed on movies and tv shows.

This was one of the best episodes of Criminal Minds I’ve ever seen. It was smart, it relied on the characters investigating instead of relying on Garcia to solve anything. Best of all, we finally got a few precious moments which were all about the characters! Even strategically, for the final showdown, Rossi went in because he’s the one who can talk Curtis down, and Hotch sent in JJ to get a clear shot because, as we’ve seen before, she has the best shot.

Curtis was one of the best unsubs the show has ever had, and this is, for me, one of the best episodes the show has ever done.