New Girl “The Landlord” Review

Lizzy Caplan was not in this episode of New Girl, but I’m relieved to say that the episode was of the highest quality, despite the lack of Caplan, who has really brought the latest run of episodes to life. In this episode Caplan’s sarcasm was replaced by Nick’s cynicism, which the show really dove into.

It seems to have found a nice balance between Jess’ unending optimism and Nick’s cynicism, and this episode really played with that, putting them right at the centre of a menage a trois with the super creepy (in an entertaining, delightful sort of way) landlord. I’ve had a lot of problems with the show’s early episodes – that is generally the case with comedies. Before Christmas I remember saying that I preferred 2 Broke Girls to New Girl. The last three episodes have firmly reversed my position on that.

The show has definitely gotten better. It’s found a tone and a style with the single camera that it’s comfortable with, where it can tell jokes. Most importantly, along with being funny, it tells stories really well. The show has finally reached the potential that the initial promo suggested. It’s taken a while, but I really do think the show has vastly improved. The relationship between Nick and Jess is approaching the will they/won’t they territory but it’s doing so in a way that’s not cliched or predictable, in a way that’s entertaining and funny and natural. Plus, the physical comedy between Nick and Jess as they played chicken was hilarious.

As usual, Schmidt’s subplot worked really well, hitting the comedic notes brilliantly as he tries to read into the possible subtext with his boss. Winston didn’t feature much in this episode, and I hope the show can give him more to do, but besides that this was a very good episode.

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