Justified “The Devil You Know” Review

Justified occupies an interesting world with years of untold history in the mix. This shrouds much of the show in mystery without the writers having to use an artifice to make the show seem mysterious or exciting. The show never has to seem those things: it is those things.

Take the conversation between Boyd and Raylan, when Raylan tells Boyd of his first encounter with Limehouse: it was when Limehouse and his father got into such a row Raylan, as a kid, had to pull his father away. He lets Boyd know that when he and Brookes went to see Limehouse earlier, he did not recollect Arlo. Raylan muses that Limehouse has probably kicked in so many white boys’ faces he’s lost count. Moments like that are why I love this show so much. Timothy Olyphant gets to deliver brilliantly written exposition in a way that isn’t at all clunky or messy, and it’s not just to show that Raylan has daddy issues and had an eventful upbringing-though it certainly tells us that. No, the exposition in Justified serves multiple purposes. Here, Rayland is both warning Boyd and getting information from him, whilst also letting the audience know that Limehouse has a reputation to be considered.

The episode was very much steeped in the lore of season 2. Loretta came back, though just for a scene (hopefully Kaitlyn Dever, who had such a key role in making season 2 a classic season of television, will make more appearances in the future) and started Raylan on the track to Limehouse. Brookes is a character I’ve always had trouble with. The way she was played was always a bit flat, but here she had some nice banter with Raylan and Limehouse and I really hope the writers partner her up with Raylan more often.

Devil tried to enlist Johnny to betray Boyd and go in with Quarles, seeing that Boyd’s business venture is getting off to a rocky start. Anybody going up against Boyd is going to get burned, as Devil soon found out.

Devil’s demise was less predictable, more inevitable. There was no suspense, and there didn’t need to be. The big players are all coming at this season anew: Quarles, Limehouse and Boyd are all moving their pieces into place, and chicken fry like Devil aren’t going to get in the way. All they can do is facillitate an excellent, excellent show offy preaching speech from Quarles before they kindly exit stage left.

The episode featured a lot of comedy from Dickie’s storyline-thanks in part to Dewey and a body bag. Dickie and Dewey made an escape from prison that gave the episode its drive.

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