The Voice – Blind Auditions Night 2 Review

It’s the second night of blind auditions on The Voice, which means more talented performances, hard knock stories of sacrifice and struggle and yes, more awkward moments. Bring it on!

The fact that the judges don’t mind pulling double duty picking teams and performing is another thing that distinguishes The Voice from other reality competition shows. It is also something I’ve come to enjoy during the first season of the show. Tonight, the judges gave us a medley of Prince songs and it did not disappoint. Cee Lo’s bright red sequined outfit brought to my attention that although the judges are performing together, they do not sacrifice their personal style and vocal delivery for the sake of the group. Instead, what we get is a sequined Cee Lo, Christina in a spiked hat, Adam on guitar and Blake delivering a pretty good country-fied version of Kiss. The performances are perhaps the one aspect of the show where each judge brings their unique perspective and it does not result in something awkward. Love it!

A few highlights from the second round of blind auditions:

The Line – Speaking of awkwardness, duos are a weird fit in this competition. There was a pair of sisters during season 1 that ended up being oddly placed in the head to head competitions that begin after the blind auditions. Further, it has to be pretty disheartening if as a duo, you are out-performed by a single person. Although The Line eventually won all of the judges over, I wondered what was going through Blake’s head as he turned his chair around and realized he was getting a two-for-one deal.

Jamar Rogers – AMAZING back story of strength, hope and determination. If a chair did not turn for him it would have been the awkward moment from which we would never recover! Reality television has a way of rewarding and highlighting the very worst of people’s characters and behavior so Jamar was a refreshing departure from that trend. His style, honesty, voice and pairing with Cee Lo should carry him a long way in this competition. I LOVED his happy dance and the fact that he has loved Cee Lo since his Goodie Mob days (me too!). Cee Lo has a tough job ahead of him. If I knew everything that Jamar overcame to get to the show, there is no way I would ever be unbiased enough to not carry him through the head to head competitions.

Pamela Rose – had the look but didn’t quite have The Voice. Based on her looks, I have a feeling she may get a second chance on team Cee Lo.

Kim Yarbrough – Oh Kim, if you’re going to look like Chaka, I need you not to sing a Chaka song. Oh well, can’t fault someone who gets it and owns it. I was genuinely shocked that she chose Adam but I’m intrigued by this pairing. Step 1, un-Chaka Kim’s look.

Angie Johnson – Who knew that the Air Force had a band charged with the task of boosting troop morale?

Dez Duron – Backstreet Boys. Wow. I’m certain he dragged out the end of that song to give the fickle Adam and Christina a chance to pick him. He’ll definitely be back during the second chance round.

Jermaine Paul – His audition begs the question – is Alicia Keys not in a position to help Jermaine get a big break? As Cee Lo noted, he delivered his song with “swaaaaaaaaaaag.” I was pleasantly surprised to see him pick Blake. I respect that he went with the judge that pushed back on his need for a promise to be “kept.” I think they will be a surprisingly good and competitive pairing.

Angel Taylor – another great back story and an amazing voice. I can’t believe Christina did not pick her. She has truly departed from her strategy last year of picking the women with great voices. After Blake added Jermaine Paul, I was glad to see her become part of Adam’s team. It would be a shame to see those two cancel each other out during the head to head round.

The rolling tally of awkward moments on The Voice continues …

>The will they or won’t they sexual tension between the members of The Line. Sorry guy, I don’t think she’s that into you.

>Adam congratulating Pamela Rose on being attractive and the judge’s acknowledging that Cee Lo likes to make room for attractive women on his team.

>”She belongs to me.” A statement that is awkward only because it came from Cee Lo.

>”I want to play with you.” Christina to Lindsey
>”That’s weird.” Blake in response to Christina’s comment.

>Jermaine Paul’s entire dialogue with Blake Shelton.

Sound off on the second night of blind auditions on season 2 of The Voice. Adam and Blake were in rare form tonight and made the episode quite fun. Are you wondering, like me, where they keep Cee Lo’s cat during the show where he can conveniently be brought out for Cee Lo to stroke during interviews?