Jane By Design “The Image Issue” Review

Jane By Design "The Image Issue" Episode 6
Another week, another close call as India came within millimeters of discovering Jane’s secret in “The Image Issue,” this week’s episode of Jane By Design.

After calling India’s teen-targeted accessory line into question, Jane was charged with putting together a presentation of her own that would highlight emerging trends for the high school crowd. Somehow this involved filming a bunch of kids at her school who all basically said that they have no real sense of style. It was a hit. Somehow.

At this point, I kind of understand India’s frustration with Jane. Presumably, she spent at least four years at some sort of college, getting a degree in fashion or art or design. Then she probably had an internship, followed by an entry-level position as Gray’s assistant. She managed to work her way up the ladder to a relatively high position in the company…and then Jane came along and started sweeping everyone off their feet with her charm and innocence and total lack of experience.

Yeah, I’m siding with India on this one. I know I shouldn’t, but I would be angry if all of my hard work was usurped by an Eve Harrington who doesn’t even know she’s being an Eve Harrington. Yes, Jane works hard and she’s talented, but so is India. The only difference is that Jane is nicer, so we’re expected to like her more. It does say something for the old proverb about honey and vinegar.

For now, Jane’s secret is safe, although Jeremy seems to be catching on. He’s kind of a wild card, so I don’t really know what he would do if he ever figured it all out. I actually kind of like that fact. Ambiguous characters are so much more fun.

Speaking of image, Billy drastically changed his look this week, going from punk to prep overnight, and all for the love of Lulu. I get the feeling Lulu prefers the old Billy, however, as now he’s suddenly a hot commodity. Her dad isn’t impressed by the new look, though. Neither is Jane, for that matter, but considering all that Billy does for her, she shouldn’t say anything to him, even if he buzzed his hair and dyed it orange.

So, it turns out that Jane’s brother isn’t the loser we were tricked into believing he is; he actually gave up a chance to play professional ball in order to take care of Jane after their parents died. Okay, now I like him even more. He definitely deserves Rita. I even dig his sweater vests.

All in all, the episode was typical ABC Family fare. I don’t mind it, but I keep hoping that there’s more underneath the fluffy surface. I’ve seen glimpses before, but they’re becoming few and far between.

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