2 Broke Girls “And The Blind Spot” Review

In the first scene of this episode Caroline and Max went to great lengths to discuss their hetersosexuality, hinting at the chemistry the two have shared since the show’s beginning. Many critics and fans have commented on this, and I was surprised that 2 Broke Girls would address it so openly, never mind that it would have Caroline address it with a three year old joke regarding Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl. Sometimes a show will address movements of support or dissent among the fan community. Usually it happens with regards to two characters who have surprising chemistry – look at the expansion of Kalinda’s role in the second season of The Good Wife, post Emmy win and critical acclaim. I’m not sure what to make of this occurance – sometimes meta jokes work, but they tend not to work with a joke that has quite literally been the setup / punchline for thousands of jokes over three years.

I bring this up because it heralded the worst episode of 2 Broke Girls on every level. Caroline and Max work for more money as cleaners for Jennifer Coolidge’s Sophie. This new money scheme has them, for the umpteenth time, reevaluating their relationship and doing, basically, the exact same thing they’ve done in every single preceeding episode.

It was tiring. Though Caroline’s revival of the overdosed model was really…uncomfortable, and not in a good way. It’s sort of that thing where comedy can be insulting so long as its funny….and this was not funny.

The only bright side to this episode was the interaction between Coolidge’s Sophie and Oleg, who was at least matched in the “ick” category by Coolidge.

Insults, stereotypes and storytelling problems aside, this, plain and simple, was not a funny episode of television. The jokes were really predictable and the characters are going through the exact same routine they’ve been going through. What did you think of this episode?Sound off in the comments below.