The Voice Season 2 Premiere Review

Viewers that kept their televisions on NBC after the Giants’ Super Bowl victory were treated to a great opening episode of Season 2 of The Voice. I watched the first season of the show and really enjoyed the features of The Voice that distinguish it from other reality show/performance competitions. I like that viewers are not bogged down with several episodes of horrible auditions that seem so contrived, it is hard to believe that the person is not a professional actor or someone purposely planted by producers. I also like the blind audition concept. In an idea world, the most successful performers would be those that are actually talented. Unfortunately, that is not the case as it seems like anyone from Kim Kardashian to a Bravo housewife can call themselves a singer with the assistance of autotunes.

What I love most about the show is the judges. They are truly the highlight of this show for what I’m pretty sure are unintended reasons. Individually and collectively, they have an entertaining ability to create unforgettably awkward moments. To begin, Cee Lo is the master of making thinly veiled sexual remarks to contestants. At times, he will trade in the thinly veiled to the outright overt remark. It makes me cringe, gives me the creeps, always leads me to wonder what the poor contestant is thinking but that aside, I hope he never stops! The lack of reciprocity along with the side eye from the other judges creates amazing moments of awkwardness that are peppered throughout the show.

Not to be outdone, Blake Shelton is no stranger to the awkward either. Blake’s moments are a little different in that he is a straight shooter and has no problem speaking his mind without even the tiniest amount of sugar coating. One of Blake’s most memorably awkward moments was when he proceeded to slam a contestant who sang one of his wife’s songs during her audition. The poor girl sang her heart out and he just flat out told her that it was all wrong. His bluntness is a bit jarring because his demeanor is so affable and nice but he will tell you kindly with a smile that you suck. Awkward.

The reigning champions of awkward, however, are Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine. Cee Lo referred to the two as having sexual tension last night (I know, awkward) but I’m pretty sure that it’s just pure, unabashed hatred. They will not hesitate to trade barbs to the point of holding up the show. So awkward but so entertaining. On to the season premiere…

The contestants, as Adam observed, were very talented last night. Many of them had interesting backgrounds and of course, there were a few tear jerkers.

RaeLynn – I was so scared for RaeLynn when she dared to sing a Miranda Lambert song. By putting her own twist on the song, she nailed it and actually won over Blake. It is always great to see contestants get selected by the judge that has inspired them or in this case, their husband. Adam always makes a hard sell but RaeLynn picking Blake was a no brainer. Blake was a really great coach last season and seemed to genuinely be invested in his contestants.

Jesse Campbell – I’m so glad he was picked. I think he will be a good pair with Christina. It is good to see that she is changing her strategy this year and not going with a team of women with big voices. Jesse’s story was compelling but I did wonder how his daughter felt when they were living in his car because daddy wants to be a singer.

Daniel Rosa – totally broke my heart. I hate that he was looking for validation from the show and sadly, was not selected by any of the judges. I have a hunch that we will see Daniel again when booted contestants are allowed another shot. Speaking of awkward moments, nothing is worse than when a contestant reaches the end of their song and realizes that they have not been selected. There is an element of peer pressure on this show among the judges. Christina and Adam seemed to be close to turning around. I think that had Christina turned around Adam would have as well and vice versa.

Juliette Simms – meh. Wasn’t my style but she is definitely talented. I think she and Cee Lo will work well together.

Chris Mann – beautiful voice and touching story. I liked his style and that he did not reign in his voice – it will be interesting to hear him take on contemporary music. He is a perfect addition to Christina’s team.

Tony Lucca – loved his voice and presentation. I get a little worried when guys have on hats because you don’t know what’s going on underneath. I remember being a little weirded out by Javier Colon’s perfectly round, shiny bald head when he finally let go of his hat last season. Tony and Adam will be a great pair.

On a final note, I love everything about Cee Lo stroking a cat while reflecting on competing with the other judges to pick the best contestants. It is reminiscent of Dr. Claw on Inspector Gadget.

The Awkward Tally on the season premiere of The Voice: (not an exhaustive list)

>”Why would you want to be just a country start?” Adam Levine to RaeLynn about why she should chose him over Blake Shelton.

>Christina telling Adam he was “acting like Justin Timberlake.”

>”Christina, everybody is the same color with the lights off.” Cee Lo

>”You turn me on.” Cee Lo to Juliet Simms. I’m amazed that she actually chose him.

>The long, drawn out tension that mounted as we waited to see if Christina would remember Tony Lucca. I actually let out a sigh of relief when she got up to go backstage. I’m glad that Tony didn’t mention it onstage, as I think that would have been a really weird moment as Christina tried to jog her memory. I also love that Christina managed to reveal that Brittney Spears had a huge crush on Tony, at which point the camera went directly to his wife’s face. Nice.

What an awkward a great way to kick off the second season of The Voice. I look forward to the next round of auditions and of course, more awkward moments. Who were your favorite contestants from last night? Sound off below and of course, feel free to add to my ever growing tally of awkwardness.