The Finder “Swing and a Miss” Review

This week’s episode of The Finder, “Swing and a Miss,” solved the mystery of the exact nature of Walter and Isabel’s relationship. I gotta say, that’s been bugging me since day one, but now we know that they have a long-standing, highly-evolved friends with benefits arrangement and I have to say…I loved that.

Until they went and messed it up.

Long story short, Isabel starts to date a major league pitcher and is so into him that she invokes a clause in her and Walter’s sex contract that calls the whole thing off. Only seconds later (literally), the baseball player’s house is broken into and a bag is stolen containing what turns out to be his lucky game socks.

Of course she brings Walter in to find the missing bag and of course he doesn’t really like the new guy, although to his credit, he does his best work for the case, personal feelings aside. At the end of the day, though, despite them finding the socks that will keep the player’s winning streak intact, he can’t handle the fact that Isabel had such a casual sexual arrangement and he dumps her.

This is where they lost me because instead of going back to their original relationship, Walter (under some pressure from Leo) suddenly wants a more traditional arrangement, ie: he wants to be her boyfriend. No! Bad show! This is where things always go wrong! You had something great going: sex between two attractive main characters without five seasons of “will they, won’t they”…why on earth would you mess with that in episode four??? At least let us enjoy our benefits for awhile.

Putting that aside, while the “finding” part of the episode might not have been totally compelling, the character interactions were, especially between Leo and Willa. Being a good guy who always tries to stay on the right side of the law, Leo’s first inclination when given the responsibility of rehabilitating a juvenile delinquent is to turn her into a goody two-shoes. Walter, however, rightfully understands that Willa is never going to be a saint. Better to teach her how to put her questionable morality towards the common good than continue to make her fight against her nature. This rang very true for me, and the scenes between Leo and Willa were great in this episode. They’re starting to come around to each other.

And I’m definitely coming around to The Finder. I like the fact that it’s not all science, but there’s still a method to Walter’s madness. Now I’m just crossing my fingers about the romance stuff. Nothing kills a show faster than happy characters having regular sex.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!