Private Practice “The Time Has Come” Review

Yelling at your son’s bruised, broken dying mother never seems justified, always seems mean. Normally when Cooper starts on a tear he’s technically wrong but morally right, like when he wants to do something crazy to save a kid. Yelling at Erica for seizing just seemed mean. And again, I don’t think a kid who’s as smart as they’ve portrayed Mason would mistake a seizure for sleep, or wouldn’t ask if his doctor dad and step mom have any insight into why his mom suddenly nodded off at the wheel.

Violet and Pete’s relationship or non-relationship is getting even more frustrating then Addison and Sam’s. Shouldn’t you define the terms of your separation with your significant other if you’re speculating about them with all your co-workers? And Pete’s jealousy swiftly turning to rage towards Violet is just tired, she’s right, he left her, and either his jealous rage should lead him to start passionately making out with her or he should leave it alone. Also, I can see him getting concerned (or at least giving the appearance of being concerned to mask his jealousy) about a strange man being around his son, but what’s with the idea that if he sees his mom kiss another man he’ll be scarred for life? He’s probably still too young to make permanent memories, and even if he will remember kissing isn’t that scarring. Violet’s relationship with the younger man, while it supplies funny jabs from Cooper, is still kind of weird, especially when he reveals he read her book. Wouldn’t it be a major mood killer to know your new girlfriend had been sliced up on the very floor you stand on to make out?

The patient story of the solider who had been raped was really unique and interesting. It was nice to see his wife accept him, even after her incredibly unsupportive initial reaction. Sheldon’s talk with Violet again highlighted the fact that she’s a one track shrink and Sheldon’s the better one, and I don’t understand why he continues to go to her for advice.

The relationship between Jake and Addison was again halted by Sam, who she can apparently never be rid of. I thought, ridiculously once they officially broke up she could maybe stop talking about him and get on to some more interesting relationships, but I guess that’s not meant to be. It is sweet how Jake refused to take advantage of her while she was drunk and vulnerable and takes care of her, ordering her food and moving her schedule around to better fit her hangover needs.

And then there’s the introduction of Sam’s jailbird sister, because Private Practice doesn’t have enough drama.I had kind of hoped Sam was going to pick Addison up at jail, that after she had done something crazy and illegal in the name of love so she and Sam could get back together just so she could stop mopping about it.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Should Erica receive treatment or enjoy the time she has left with Mason?