Supernatural Thursdays – It’s All About the Music


Hey, Supernatural fans! How are we all surviving the break after our (short) reunion with Sam and Dean? While we are all still missing Bobby and are very curious about Dean becoming a daddy, we’ll have to hang on just a little longer until tomorrow to see what Supernatural has in store for us!

In the meantime I thought I’d turn Supernatural Thursday towards a lighter note and focus on something we all love about the show – the music!

While it’s been less of a focus during these later seasons, Supernatural has always been set to an amazing classic rock soundtrack – and the fans have embraced the music (and in some cases danced to it) willingly.

There are a few stand out music cues that leap out at me every time I watch specific episodes and while I’ll share these below, I need to ask you dear readers a favor. When you’re done reading through this article, take some time and let me know what your favorite musical moments are of Supernatural. Even if it’s mentioned on my list or even just a snippet of the song, I want to hear about it!

Renegade – Nightshifter S2E12


Okay, this is a no brainer and the best (in my opinion) music cue of the Supernatural series.

Coming off of almost being arrested by the FBI, Sam and Dean (dressed as SWAT members) escape to the safety of the impala. While they’re running for the car, we hear the opening refrain of Styx’s “Renegade”. Once the car doors are closed, the boys sit in silence for a few moments until uttering “We are so screwed…”

Which triggers the yell of lead singer Dennis DeYoung and off we go with “Renegade”. It makes me smile (and rock out) every single time I watch the episode.

The Gambler – Weekend at Bobbys S6E4


Honestly, could there have been a better theme song for Bobby Singer? During “Weekend at Bobby’s” we had the opportunity to dig deeper into Bobby’s life when the boys aren’t around and when he’s not their sole provider of information, spells, and other such nonsense. We got to see Bobby in his comfort zone – which turns out wasn’t very comfortable at all. Did you know Bobby helped out hunters from all over the place?

Yeah, neither did Sam and Dean.

That’s why the 1978 song “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers is a perfect fit. Bobby truly does know when to hold em, fold em, walk away or run.

Blue Oyster Cult – Hell House S1E17


While this isn’t so much a music cue as it is a complete soundtrack to an episode, “Hell House” featured several songs by Blue Oyster Cult. Fire of Unknown Origin, Burning For You, and an appearance of the bands logo make “Hell House” one of my favorite episodes.

One thing I do find interesting is the use of “Fire of Unknown Origin”. Dean wakes up a sleeping Sam (fangirl moment – AWWWWW!!) with this song’s drum solo… but the words are what really intrigue me: “A fire of unknown origin Took my baby away…” come on, now. That’s one of the best placed lines for Sam/Jessica that I’ve ever heard.


Okay! Now it’s your turn. These are just three small examples of the great music Supernatural has utilized through the years. I know there’s more that you want to share with me, so by all means – SHARE!

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