Person of Interest “Root Cause” Review

Person of Interest returned this week with “Root Cause”, another solid episode that was mildly entertaining, but failed to really push the overarching story forward in any real way.

Our PoI for the week was Scott Powell, a down-on-his-luck working man who was framed for the murder of a congressman. Usually the actual Person of Interest is a little more interesting of an actor, or at least a little easier to empathize with. Unfortunately, I really didn’t give a crap about what happened with Scott Powell.

Thankfully, there were many more peripheral characters to keep track of this episode. Scott’s wife Leslie was played by the lovely Amy Hargreaves, who most people would recognize most recently from playing Claire Danes’ put-upon sister in Homeland. After a stellar performance in that show, it was very easy to relate to her as the conflicted wife. Her frustration in not knowing what to believe and what not to believe, when she’s just learned about so many lies her husband told her, was all played very well.

Meanwhile, Reese and Finch had to work to clear Mr. Powell’s name, so it was April O’Neil to the rescue! That’s right, Paige Turco returned as the “Fixer” of the group, and she does a great job being just intimidating enough to scare people into doing what she wants. A great quality in a fixer, I must say. But she wasn’t the only intimidating woman in the cast tonight. We also met the titular “Root”, a female hacker who’s computer know-how even surpasses Finch. I’ll be interested to see where this goes, and I’m wondering exactly how many villains we’re going to have on this show by the end of the first season. M. Elias is still out there, Reese’ old secret agent friends are at large, and now there’s this “Root” girl?

Hopefully the show doesn’t spread itself too thin, as it really is very entertaining week-to-week. Tonight was enjoyable, and I hope to get a little more resolution on all of these outstanding story lines as we wind down the first season.

Random Thoughts:

– Normally I think the fight scenes on this show are tremendous, but the fight in the first scene was a little hokey. The bald guy seemed like he was throwing his punches so slow, and he just left his fist there for a few seconds after every punch. Maybe I’m just getting picky.

– While I’m nitpicking stuff, does it bother anybody else that the credits for the show are still showing at the bottom of the screen after 15 minutes? 15!!! Couldn’t they put more of that information in the opening credit sequence so we didn’t have the names there so late?

– Apparently good guys all use iPhones, and bad guys use Droids. The Android logo seemed almost too prominent on Root’s phone.