Southland “Community” Review

“The city of Los Angeles is made up of over 100 separate and distinct ethnic, racial and religious communities. LA cops have to navigate all of them if they want to survive.”

The title of this episode really says it all. In ‘Community’, two communities band together to rid themselves of the apparent evil among them. Sherman and Sammy aren’t exactly upset when a gang leader who tormented his own community is killed by his own people. In another part of town, Cooper and Tang issue a warning when a paedophile is accosted by a concerned citizen, but the community still bands together to protect the person who then sets the paedophile’s house ablaze, in a particularly ‘I am Spartacus’ moment.

There was also a brief plotline involving a thief targeting Jewish families on the sabbath (when they couldn’t use the phone to call the police), and Lydia and Rueben investigated the death of a ‘debt consolidator’ who conned her own community members. To add a little extra emphasis to the whole race/culture part of this episode, Rueben spent almost the entire episode trying to come up with a good, heartfelt speech for his daughter’s quinceañera.

I’ll be blunt — I didn’t like this episode much. The connecting theme in each episode of Southland is usually subtle or at least well written, but here it was obvious and heavy-handed. There was at least one brilliant moment — the retaliatory punch was pure genius. (Cooper is always fantastic but Tang is his female counterpart. Together they were just too good for this episode.) The award for ‘dumbest cop alive’ would have been another great scene if I hadn’t been bored to death by everyone and their mother talking about the ‘Sherman hit a girl’ incident.

Overall a watchable, if dull, episode. Here’s hoping next week’s Southland is a little more engaging.

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