Royal Pains “My Back to the Future” Review

Royal Pains

Tonight’s episode of Royal Pains, called “My Back to the Future,” was directed by Hank himself, aka Mark Feuerstein. It started with a very strange funeral that soon turns out to be in the drug-induced imagination of Hank, thanks to an ailing back.

With Hank out of commission, Evan calls in Dr. VanDyke to help out. Though it looks like a match made in Heaven at first, soon enough Hank’s baby brother realizes that his new hero is not all that he seems to be. We’ve seen VanDyke act like a bit of a dick before, but not quite at the level he did tonight. It’s unfortunate because I was sort of rooting for him before, but not so much now.

Even with his aching back, Hank doesn’t completely stay out of the game and instead keeps himself busy by accompanying his buddy Jack to his doctor’s appointments. I am really loving the bromance that I continue to see growing between those two, but it also makes me even more nervous for Jack’s future. This is just my two cents, but I feel like they are building the friendship between Hank and Jack really fast and I have to wonder if it means that something terrible is going to happen. I just hope that I’m wrong.

Meanwhile, with Hank taking a (sort of) break and Evan going out with VanDyke, this leaves Jill and Divya to handle a car accident victim who also happens to be the thief stealing Divya’s ticket out of debts-ville. I should’ve known that selling that set of China was too much of an easy fix, but I did get a kick out of the MacGyver-like skills that Divya and Jill used to save the guy.

Overall I thought this was a pretty good episode and definitely a nice start for Mark’s directing career. I’m looking forward to checking out his next effort.

My favorite bits..

Hank’s walk for his owie back. It made me hurt just looking at it…oh and it made me giggle, too.

Evan’s slow clap for Hank. Mean, but oh so very funny.

Evan’s happy little grin when VanDyke called him the boss.

“See, that’s what happens when you swing like a girl.”

Thinking that UFOmygosh show sounded pretty darn interesting.

Huh, I don’t drive a mini van but according to VanDyke, apparently I should.

The look on Evan’s face when VanDyke suggested the HankMed retainer option to the patient.

“If you say ‘I complete you’, I am out of here.”

Jack actually flipping a coin to decide his medical future. Yikes.

Evan putting on VanDyke’s jacket and…adjusting his hair?? I think someone’s in love.

Jack calling Hank “Panky.” OMG that is freaking cute I could just die.

Great. Now I’ll never be able to eat bacon again.

“Have you been doing any heavy lifting, Ms. Newberg?”
“Did you just meet me?”

Okay wow, that’s not how I saw that car chase ending.

Hank getting himself out of that upside down hanging thingy.

Hank yelling at Evan to “Come back here, young man!”

Wow. Go Divya and Jill! Hank definitely would be proud. That was some major medical MacGyver-ing there.

Uh oh. Hanky Panky go night night.

And now we understand the weird opening scene.

“I’m a physician, not The Mentalist.”

Evan finally realizing that he really missed Hank.

“I’m not Hank.”
“No, you’re not.” – aaaawwwww.

Evan discovering the source of Ms. Newberg’s pain.

Jack trying to do a girl voice to pretend her was with a woman.

“You know what? You guys should come with subtitles.” – I so agree with that.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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