Advance Review: Why Key & Peele on Comedy Central Is The Funniest Thing On TV

Tonight, something big is going to happen on Comedy Central.

One of the funniest sketch comedy series that I have seen in a very long time will premiere to what I expect should be blockbuster ratings. If you haven’t watched the hilarious clips that have already been released, then let me give you three reasons why you should see it:

1. It’s really really really really funny.

Yes, I know duh. But how funny you ask? It was so funny that I had to pause the episode because I couldn’t stop laughing. It is so funny that I can’t stop quoting the hilarious bits in the show which include Obama and his anger translator, the “Delete it” Girls, the weather guy on the helicopter (doesn’t sound like much but I literally cried from laughing on that one).

2. It’s really really really really funny…but in a smart way

Anyone can make a “White People are crazy” joke and get a laugh but very few can pull off hilarious yet insightful jokes about race and get away with it. Key & Peele not only manages this impressive task but do it in a way that leaves you feeling weirdly educated. These guy, being both bi-racial, bring a level of insight to their humor that is both refreshing and welcome in this era of political correctness where we still get hung up on trivial things.

3. It’s really really really really funny…and there is nothing like it on TV

When you watch this show, you will surely try to draw comparisons with The Chappelle Show… and you would be right. Key & Peele has a somewhat similar format and the humor does touch on themes that are close to what Chappelle addressed on his show. However, I feel like Key and Peele have added their unique flavor to this format and made it their own. Plus even if you do feel like it’s too similar to The Chappelle Show, so what? The show hasn’t been on for almost 6 years and we haven’t had anything as funny since (and yes I know Saturday Night Live is a sketch series but come on, let’s be serious, don’t you just watch it for the guest hosts?).

So there you go, three reasons which hopefully will encourage you to watch Key & Peele when it premieres tonight Tuesday, January 31 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central. In the meanwhile, here is a preview of the series to give you a flavor of what you can expect.