The Cleveland Show “There Goes El Neighborhood” Review

In a refreshing example of continuity, this week’s episode of The Cleveland Show, “There Goes El Neighborhood,” continued a story line that was established in the last installment. Junior is still married to Latina hottie Cecilia, only now her aunt, Choni, has moved into a McMansion across the street from the Browns. Right away, she and Cleveland butt heads, mostly because he tried to have her niece deported. Yeah, that’ll do it.

If this episode had a theme song, it would be that one from Avenue Q about how everyone’s a little bit racist. Choni demands that Cleveland learn to respect her culture, but deep down inside, she’s just as prejudiced against black people as he is against Hispanics. You almost have to respect Lester…at least he’s honest about his ignorance.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Choni again, and while I’m okay with that occasionally, I’m not sure that the conflict can support another entire episode. I liked the fact that Cleveland and Choni finally came to the conclusion that they don’t like each other, but that it had nothing to do with their misconceptions and assumptions about skin color. They simply just don’t like each other as people. And that’s okay. Seth MacFarlane is giving you a license to dislike the family across the alley from your apartment, not because they’re Hispanic, but because they ignore their children and let them cry for hours.

On the subject of Junior’s marriage, it continues to be a sexless arrangement which may not be okay with Cecelia, but is definitely fine with Junior. It isn’t until he cheerfully sets his wife up with a Valentine’s Day date that Junior’s balls finally drop. He may not want to sleep with his wife, but he damn sure doesn’t want to see her so much as kissing another guy. I cracked up at jealous Junior; let’s keep Cecilia around if just to see more of that.

Overall, it was a decent offering of The Cleveland Show. Most of the jokes were funny, even the musical number, although it definitely did feel like an Infomercial for the entire Hispanic community. Once again. Seth MacFarlane wins another round.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!!