My 5 Favorite TV “Womances”

Lost Girl - Rizzoli and Isles - Royal Pains - The Big Bang Theory - Body of Proof

So, who out there is going, “Wha?” Probably most of you are familiar with the term “bromance,” which has been used frequently lately. There are a lot of good examples of bromances on TV, and back in April 2011, Mokibobolink wrote an article “8 Best “Bromances” on TV today.” After that, I coined a term for the same type of relationship between women, “Womance.”

As Moki said: “Well according to the Urban Dictionary, a bromance is defined as ‘complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.'” She did a great job of explaining what a bromance is, so I won’t repeat it – you might want to check out her article if you are not sure exactly what this all means – my favorite example of a bromance is Steve and Danny on Hawaii Five-0.

However, as I started thinking about the womances on TV, I began realizing that there are many fewer examples than for bromances. A lot of shows have two male stars, or two males and a female, or a male and female, but many times, there is just one woman on any given team. So, choosing was a lot harder than I first thought!

1) Jane and Maura on Rizzoli and Isles

Maura and Jane on Rizzoli and Isles

Maura and Jane, in my opinion, have the best womance going on TV today. Their relationship is very complicated. They are best friends, colleagues at work, and Jane’s mom lives in Maura’s guest house since her separation from her husband.

Maura has all the traits necessary to be a great medical examiner – she is detail oriented, thorough, and very smart. Jane, on the other hand, frequently gets frustrated by Maura’s adherence to detail and unwillingness to commit to a conclusion without hard facts. Speculation is not something Maura does. This makes their working relationship fraught with snark on Jane’s part. Maura, for her part, remains calm despite all the remarks tossed her way.

Their relationship outside work is also complicated. Maura comes from a very wealthy family, and is used to high society. Jane comes from a working class background, and is much more, for lack of a better term, down to earth. Maura is always impeccably dressed, whereas Jane prefers more comfortable and practical clothing.

Despite all this, they would each sacrifice their life for the other!

2) Bo and Kenzi on Lost Girl

Bo and Kenzi on Lost Girl

Lost Girl has only shown one episode as of the time I am writing this, but already I can see a wonderful womance going on between the title character, Bo, who is a Succubus, and her human ally, Kenzi.

Their relationship begins with a rocky start, where Bo saves Kenzi from a sexual predator. Kenzi is a petty thief, and living on the streets (or so it seems) and jumps at the chance to become Bo’s sidekick, especially once she gets over her fear of Bo, and starts to understand the powers Bo is repressing. Both are street savvy and tough, and I believe this relationship will grow into a classic womance, and look forward to that!

3) Megan and Kate on Body of Proof

Kate and Megan on Body of Proof

Body of Proof provides another good example of a tense but respectful relationship between medical examiner Megan and her boss, Kate, Chief Medical Examiner. Megan has an unconventional work style and Kate frequently must smooth over ruffled feathers or work to bring Megan back under control.

Adding to the complication is the fact Kate had a short term relationship with Megan’s ex-husband, a fact Megan resented all the more because her daughter lived with her ex at the time and she worried about the impact of the relationship on the teenage girl.

With all their differences, what do they have? Respect for each other. They may not usually agree, but Kate is smart enough to realize that Megan needs handling, not censure. And, Megan may not exactly respect authority, but will back down (sometimes) to Kate when she feels it is reasonable.

4) Amy, Bernadette and Penny on The Big Bang Theory

Amy, Bernadette and Penny on THE BIG BANG THEORY

Currently, we have a triumvirate rather than a twosome on The Big Bang Theory, since three of the four guys have girlfriends, and amazingly enough, the ladies all seem to hang out with each other, despite having little in common. Amy is a Ph.D. Neurobiologist and Sheldon’s girlfriend, with the accompanying “Relationship Agreement” that only Sheldon could write. Bernadette, who met Penny when they worked as waitresses at the same restaurant, is a Ph.D. Microbiologist and engaged to marry Howard. Penny, who lives across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard, and had a past relationship with Leonard, is now sort of back together with him in a tentative, exploratory way.

These three women, with little in common except the men in their lives being friends, have a strangely compelling womance. Bernadette and Amy are highly intelligent scientists, whereas Penny has more intelligence about people, relationships and just plain survival – street smarts vs. book smarts, to use the vernacular. Their differences lead to plenty of misunderstandings, and lots of funny moments, so they are crucial to the show. But, their common interest, the men in their lives, also leads to nice bonding moments.

I enjoy the commentary they each have, from their unique perspectives, on relationships and life in general. And, in each episode they seem to grow in understanding of each other.

5) Jill and Divya on Royal Pains

Jill and Divya on Royal Pains

This is probably a weaker example of a womance. Over the course of the show, Divya and Jill’s relationship has grown, and changed. Like Jane and Maura, they come from different backgrounds. Divya is from a very wealthy family, and wants desperately to be a doctor, and Jill is the head of the small Hamptons Heritage Hospital, and has her heart set on helping the underprivileged.

The friendship really took off when Divya reacted to Emily’s pointing out to her that she was threatened by other women and likely did not have female friends. At that point, Divya actively sought out Jill to prove a point. The two even had a wild night on the town in New York City, both ending up with tattoos.

So, what do you think of my 5 favorite womances on TV? I would love to hear any additions you have for my list, and any other comments you want to add!