White Collar “Upper West Side Story” Review

White Collar (USA) Upper West Sider

Tonight’s episode of White Collar, called “Upper West Side Story”, felt like it put Neal and Peter back on track. Their bromance suffered horribly last season and as much as I loved the drama (and y’all know how much I love me some drama) of last season, I really liked kicking back with an episode where the two of them were just working on a case together again.

Now that’s not to say that everything starts out all fine and dandy. The guys are on the case of a man who is using his power as principal of a school to snatch funds from scholarships and use them as he likes. Neal goes undercover a substitute teacher, while Peter takes a turn as a dad looking for a place to send “Peter Junior.” Diana joins in on the fun as Peter’s mistress and even Mozzie has a bit to do when he and Neal decide to help a teenage Romeo win the heart of his Juliet.

But while the case runs pretty smoothly, Peter still starts out having issues with Neal and the fact that his partner seems to get away with a lot of things without suffering any consequences. Peter’s also struggling with the fact that if he does was seems like the right thing to do, then he himself will be a party to Neal getting away with yet one more thing – taking the treasure.

In the end, Peter decides to let Keller stay in jail and gives Neal, and their partnership, another chance. I have a feeling Neal isn’t going to let anything bad like that happen again any time soon but one thing I’ve learned about him is that he is full of surprises so for now, I’ll just be happy that they are back together as best friends.

My favorite bits…

“Did Hogwarts book a field trip?”

“Ten points for Gryffindor.” – Now there’s a line I never thought I’d hear on this show.

Peter referring to Neal as an alias savant. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Neal sitting outside the principal’s office. Why do I get the feeling he’s done that a lot?

Okay, show of hands. Anyone agree that studying would have been VERY hard with Neal as your substitute teacher?

Peter answering questions about his “son.” Intelligent, but impulsive. Gee? I wonder who he could be talking about?

Neal reciting that poem just proves my earlier point.

Peter spotting Neal through the window. Haha! Classic.

“Tragic romance, I know it well.” – Aw, poor Neal.

Neal reminding Peter to raise his hand in class. Har.

“I said sit on a bench, not reenact ‘Dead Poets Society'”

Neal’s excitement when Peter told him that he was going back to school.

“The girls were all glassy-eyed, like they saw that kid from those vampire movies.”

“He gave it up for us. I think that says a lot about his character.”
“He had the treasure. THAT says a lot about his character.”

Elizabeth telling Peter that, in her opinion, the right man was behind bars.

Peter’s little grin after Neal got out of the car.

*in a sing songy voice* Oooooh…Peter’s in trouble! Peter’s in trouble!

“Isn’t pulling the fire alarm illegal?”
“So send me to the principal’s office.”

Finding out that Peter’s fascination with smart brunettes goes back a very long time.

“You’re admiring government tech?”
“No, I’m pitying it.”

Neal and Mozzie giving Evan lessons in “game.” – Too freaking cute.

“I love Aspen..except for the snow.” – The look on Peter’s face when she said that was pure awesomeness.

Loving the Royal Pains and White Collar crossover commercial. Makes me wish for an actual crossover episode though.

And Evan comes to the rescue! Nice.

“You can come out, Mozzie.”
“You have no proof I’m here!”

A table saw? Really? Oh noes!

“They have nitrogen here?”
“Oh, this really is an excellent school.”

Neal holding back a bad guy with a birdhouse.

Neal telling Chloe that he once got the chance to start his life over and it was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Peter telling Neal that their partnership could still work. Awww! Love those two.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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