The TV Czar Awards

2011 EMMYS AWARDS Best Drama and Best Comedy Series

After taking in the Golden Globes and reflecting on the big winners (most notably Michael Fassbender’s dong), I keep getting frustrated by the TV award shows. Most of the time, the winners are tough to quibble with, but some of the nominees really make you shake your head. I’m sorry Revenge fans, but Madeline Stowe isn’t the lead in that show, nor was she worthy of a nomination in any other category.

But Madeline Stowe is but one example. Therefore, I have decided to set things right by holding the first edition of the TV Czar Awards (a clever name to come later). Hugh Jackman will be hosting, and The Roots will be the house band. Don’t worry, Quest Love. You guys can play whatever song you want.

This week, we will tackle the supporting actors and actresses and the best comedy series. In next week’s part two, we will tackle the leads and the best drama series. Take it away, Hugh.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy

The nominees: Sofia Vergara, Cheryl Hines, Maya Rudolph, Aisha Tyler

I don’t care if Aisha Tyler is animated, she gets in here. That being said, she doesn’t quite deserve the title. Cheryl Hines has been a revelation on Suburgatory. Her breasts comedic timing has really been one of my favorite parts of the show. Sofia Vergara should win this award one year, but she didn’t do more than the best part of Up All Night.

The winner: Maya Rudolph

Supporting Actor in a Comedy

The nominees: Ty Burrell, Tracy Morgan, Max Greenfield, Neil Patrick Harris

I don’t even have to watch every episode of How I Met Your Mother to recognize the brilliance of Doogie. Schmidt is routinely the funniest part of New Girl (you heard me, Zooey). Tracy Jordan never fails to make me laugh out loud once per episode on 30 Rock. His combination of ridiculous antics and deadpan delivery of completely insane speech is comedic gold. That being said, Phil Dunphy deserves this award. As Modern Family has struggled creatively in the first half of the season, Phil Dunphy has absolutely carried the show. Not bad for a guy that most of us would punch in the face.

The winner: Ty Burrell


Supporting Actress in a Drama

The nominees: Margo Martindale, Jessica Lange, Christine Baranski, Kelly MacDonald

Kelly MacDonald’s Margaret Schroder has some serious explaining to do when Nucky finds out she gave away a 100 million dollar land deal. Still, she did a nice job of capturing the inner turmoil her character went through as the season progressed. Christine Baranski is an underrated part of a slightly overrated show. She’s never bad when The Good Wife gives her stuff to work with. Jessica Lange was easily the best part of the mania that was American Horror Story. All that being said, you can’t top the virtuoso performance of Margo Martindale as Mags Bennett on Justified. She helped turn an already very good show into a GREAT show.

The winner: Margo Martindale

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

The nominees: Mandy Patinkin‘s beard, Peter Dinklage, Walton Goggins, Aaron Paul

Despite obviously gunning for an award nomination, Mandy Patinkin (and his epic beard) did some really impressive work on Homeland. Walton Goggins did his usual excellent work on Justified as Boyd Crowder. You have to respect someone who can make you root for a bad guy. Speaking of rooting for bad guys, Aaron Paul made us do it again this year on Breaking Bad.

(Full disclosure: I have yet to see season four of Breaking Bad. I am just assuming he was a clinic based on what I have seen in the previous three seasons.)

Despite the strong efforts of the other three, none of them approached the level that Dinklage performed at for the entire season of Game of Thrones. He’s so good that it makes you feel bad for him that he is a dwarf. If he were a regular sized human, there is no telling how his career turns out. That dude has some serious chops.

The winner: Peter Dinklage (Sometimes the award shows get it right)

Best Comedy Series

Modern Family (ABC) Season 2 Cast

The nominees: Modern Family, Archer, Entourage 30 Rock, New Girl

New Girl has been a massive success, but they still have some struggles creatively that they need to work through. Archer was phenomenal as always. Why won’t the Academys consider animated series? Nothing makes me laugh as hard as Archer does. Some shows may make me laugh more often, but none can produce the deep, belly laughs with the same regularity as Archer.

Modern Family and 30 Rock were my two comedy standouts. Modern Family had a real nice second season, but seems to be struggling creatively in its third season. 30 Rock had a strong finish to its last season, but failed to capitalize because Tina Fey thought it was more important to be a mother than to win my hypothetical interweb award. Therefore, the comedy series title belt stays with the family.

The winner: Modern Family

What would have been your picks for these awards? What do you think of my selections? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments or on Twitter.

I’ll be back next week to finish up the first annual TV Czar Awards. Until then.

The TV Czar