Pan Am “New Frontiers” Review

I’ve been waiting to see how Pan Am would handle the Kennedy assassination, which is inarguably one of the major turning points in American history, and I sort of got my answer in this week’s episode, “New Frontiers.” As expected, they were all caught off guard and shocked. Yes…I sort of guessed that would be the case.

But before that moment arrived, a lot of other shocking things happened. Well, not so much for Kate, unless you count the CIA teaching her how to pick a pocket in order to steal something vital for national security from some Italian chump in Rome. As they said, at least now she has a fall-back career for when Pan Am kicks her out at 32.

Laura realized what every stupid girl who’s ever let her boyfriend take naked pictures of her on his cell phone has: most men are jerks and the photos never stay private. But nothing ever really goes wrong for Laura. Yes, semi-nude photos (which might as well have been hard-core porn in 1963) of her ended up in an art gallery, but everyone loved them, including Andy Warhol. That’s just Laura’s luck!

Maggie was having a craptastic week even before her beloved president was shot in Dallas. Not only did she have to deal with the fallout from Amanda’s kiss (Ted didn’t believe her…at least not at first), but she had to handle a proposition from Captain Droyles who needed help with his smuggling operation. It’s enough to make a girl’s eyes blink at regular intervals!

Speaking of poor Ted, once someone tells you that your fiancee might play for the other team, you can’t help but notice that she tends to hug women a lot longer than she holds you. Still, he thought it all might be in his head, especially after Amanda gave in and slept with him, but his denial only lasted until she came out to him…literally. I loved that she did this, but I do wonder if that was really realistic to the time period, especially given that Ted is something of a good-old-boy. The assassination interrupted their conversation, so I’m looking forward to seeing if he’ll go ahead with the wedding and let himself become his wife’s beard.

Meanwhile, Dean is pining over Colette (Bridget was nowhere in sight this week), who is trying to move on by flirting with a handsome, foreign guy who boards their flight to Rome at the last minute. This sets off warning bells in Dean’s mind (who thinks Omar might be the one smuggling cigarettes), but it turns out that Omar is actually a prince in disguise. It’s going to be really hard for Dean to compete with that and he knows it. That’s what you get for sleeping with Bridget and breaking Colette’s heart!

Everything stopped when the news from Dallas broke. What happens next? Hopefully we’ll find out in February!

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!