Up All Night “Rivals” Review

I was less impressed with “Rivals,” this week’s Up All Night, than I have been with recent episodes. It just felt like it was lacking something…and I think it has a lot to do with Ava. Now that she’s all happy with Kevin, she’s lost a lot (not all, but a lot) of her outrageousness.

The work plot this week revolved around Shayna (Megan Mullally), a rival talk show host with a penchant for idea theft. Making matters worse is the fact that she owed her entire career to Ava and Regan as she was a former guest on Ava’s show who turned her life around with diet surgery and daisies. Not that she’s ever thanked them for changing her life. She just borrows their ideas for shows.

I think I wanted this rivalry to go on; I didn’t want a happy sunshine ending with Shayna coming on Ava’s show and finally thanking her for everything. I certainly wanted to see Ava snap out of her happy trance and do something about the ungrateful biatch. But she left the cattiness up to Regan.

Unfortunately, Regan already had a lot of that going on as she found herself jealous of Chris’s friendship with a mom in his playgroup. Being a TV fanatic, I sided with Chris on this one: if a couple is watching a television show and a unreasonable amount of time passes between episodes, it should be allowed for the person with more time to go forward with the series.

Of course, Regan was worried that his friendship was turning into something more, but she was somewhat mollified when she met the woman and realized she wasn’t too hot. Yes, because slightly less attractive people could never threaten a marriage. I don’t like that Regan didn’t just trust Chris. And I don’t like that he let her get away with it.

This week felt like a bit of a back-slide for the show. I hope they get back on track next week.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!