The Mentalist “My Bloody Valentine” Review

The Mentalist (CBS) My Bloody Valentine

This episode of The Mentalist is called “My Bloody Valentine,” and the bloody lover in question is none other than Van Pelt’s dead fiancé. After she flips her car in an accident caused by a would-be assassin trying to take out the witness to a murder, Grace wanders the woods looking for a way home and O’Loughlin drops by for a little chat. It’s no secret that Grace has been going through some rough times recently and when Evidence finally returns a necklace Craig gave her, that’s apparently enough to bring back his ghost.

He may only be in her head, but Craig’s appearance gives Grace a chance to ask some of the questions she’s probably wanted to since his death. The answers may have really been coming from her, but I was happy to see that they provided Grace with some sort of peace.

Meanwhile Jane and the rest of the team continue investigating the case that brought Grace into the woods in the first place. Jane uses quite a few tricks from his seemingly endless bag, including getting the leader of a drug cartel (and himself) drunk, and using a squash ball to get to the bottom of a coup.

In the end, Grace is safe and sound and no one seems happier to see her than Rigsby. Of course his smile drops when his girlfriend drops a bomb on him and tells him that she’s pregnant. Oh boy.

My favorite bits..

I don’t blame Grace at all. I wouldn’t want that necklace either. I’d be tempted to throw it off the nearest mountain just to get rid of the bad memories attached to it.

“Beautiful out here. Though they could use a little more signage.”

Finding out that Jane used to read phone books.

The way Jane figured out that the hooker spoke English. His brilliance knows no end.

The hooker suddenly changing her mind about going with Grace, once her only other choice was being stuck alone in the woods.

In one, out two…hm, I may have to try that sleeping trick.

“That will make me sleep?”
“Like a big, murderous baby.”

Jane giving Lisbon a hard time for being unable to get a Mexican drug dealer to talk.

“’s really hard to walk like this.”
“Should’ve thought of that before you ran.”

As much of a pain in the ass as she is, I’m strangely starting to like the bitchy witness.

“Why are you doing this?”
“How should I know? I’m just a figment of your imagination.” – Dangit, he’s got a point.

“Great, lost in the woods with a crazy cop.”
“Hey, I got it worse. I’m lost in the woods with a grumpy hooker.”

Jane tricking the old guy into getting drunk and then doing his little dance when they carried him out of the room.

“Are you drunk??”
“A little. Let’s not get distracted.”

“You’re gonna help us find her, OR I will take you in there and sign your death warrant.”
“I think she means it.”

Okay not liking the funny hooker as much when she’s trying to beat Grace over the head with a big stick.

Finding it interesting that a figment of Grace’s imagination warned her that she was in danger. Looks like she’s got great instincts.

The hooker was the shooter. Nope, didn’t actually see that one coming.

Rigsby’s girlfriend is pregnant?? I REALLY didn’t see that one coming.

The way Jane asked “Craig came to see you, didn’t he?” – I just love how that question didn’t sound demeaning at all, but completely logical and normal.

Grace saving the necklace. Funny how her attitude about it (and mine as well) changed after everything that happened.

What did you think of this episode of The Mentalist? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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