Project Runway All Stars “Patterning for Piggy” Review

As Joanna Coles aptly noted, this was perhaps one of the best Project Runway challenges ever! Not even Angela Lindvall’s monotone announcement could spoil this episode set up. The contestants learned that this week’s challenge will be to design a cocktail dress suitable for a red carpet event. Everyone lights up and the speculation begins. Austin’s was the best. Is it Madonna? Is it Lady Gaga? Is it Cher? Think again Austin . . . it’s Miss Piggy! I’ve been waiting for this challenge with bated breath after seeing the Project Runway preview for the entire season after episode 1. At laaaaaaaaaaast, the moment has arrived. R.I.P. Etta James.

Challenges in which the contestants are asked to design a gown for a specific client are always difficult but fun to watch. This one was particularly hard because the contestants did not have an opportunity to actually speak with Miss Piggy prior to designing their looks and picking out fabrics. They were simply left with what we’ve all come to know and love about Miss P. from television as they went about creating a red carpet look that would be sure to make that bacon sizzle! Many thanks to Jerrell for mentioning sizzle.

A few thoughts on some of last night’s looks:

>I agreed with Joanna, Gordana’s dress was looking very nightgown-ish from the start. I also think it would have been a perfect house dress for Mrs. Roper on Three’s Company. Note: You can NEVER go wrong with Jack Tripper, cowboy boots and the Regal Beagle.

>Mila does mod. *shocker* Not only did Mila do the same style and dress she does week after week, she made a really poor color choice and sent a look down the runway that was more goth than mod or Piggy-esque.

>I wasn’t a fan of Kara’s dress either. The pink gloves that she and Mondo both wanted were completely wasted on her look.

>I’m not a Kenley fan but I really did love her look and thought it was quite better than Rami’s and Michael’s. Who said pigs can’t pull off a giraffe print with a brillo pad hat?

The true highlight of the show was Miss Piggy’s post-runway show feedback. I loved that she called Rami’s dress ridiculous and garish right before exclaiming how much she absolutely loved it. The banter between Miss Piggy and costume designer/judge Eric Daman was hysterical. I knew he was heading for a classic Piggy karate chop as soon as he alluded to her having big hips. Too funny.

Michael picks up a win, which was a little surprising as I thought he made fabric color missteps similar to those made by Austin and Mila – for which they were both criticized. Gordana and her dress fit for Mrs. Roper are officially out.

What did you think of Miss Piggy on Project Runway All Stars? Sound off below!