Private Practice “Losing Battle” Review

“Losing Battles” was like a traumatic Private Practice flashback. Scenes were redone, story lines were dredged up, and everything was overall disturbing.

First you have the patient of the night, Violet’s battered woman. Remember, before Pete and Violet split up, or Cooper found his kid, or Addison and Sam split up, or Amelia lapsed then got sober, and a million other stories lines of greater importance happened? Well at any rate she remembers Violet, because with a severe head wound she manages to track down Violet’s practice and shows up in their elevator, which she apparently thinks is for patients, not hot doctor hook-ups.

Then there’s Masons mom. Mason’s mom dying is a plot device to give Cooper sole custody so the audience can enjoy more time with an adorable elementary schooler reading classic literature instead of time spent watching aging doctors who should all have their licences yanked on emotional immaturity alone. It’s insulting to our intelligence to try to deny the device by suggesting there might be, possibly hope for Cooper’s baby mama. There isn’t. Making Amelia finger her dead boyfriend’s watch isn’t changing anything.

Violet officially has to move now. You can not continue to live in a house with a giant blood stain created by the blood of two different people. She needs to get a steam cleaner, then a priest for a house blessing, then a realtor. Strangely the fact that the husband showing up at Violet’s door and his wife murdering him were give-ins didn’t make the scene any less disturbing. The wife’s face, completely discolored by the beating and covered in his blood was just as scary as the image of cut open Violet.

It’s a predictable that the whole incident seems to have stirred husband-type feelings in Pete, and I liked the fact that Violet didn’t fall into his arms and instead sought out her new younger model. That said, how many dates have they gone on? Because to accept a woman who’s obviously been beaten into your house, not pressing for details, fixing her a place on the couch, and insisting you’re there for her is some serious stuff for a new relationship.

Not that it’s on the level of importance of the murder in her living room, but I think Private Practice went a little overboard trying to highlight the age difference between Violet and her younger man. No make-up, granny glasses, and some kind of fuzzy shapeless shawl? Too much.

Amelia offering to be Addison’s surrogate was sweet, but it is time to drop the baby drama; there’s enough of that with the patients. Love life drama should prove much more interesting, and with Dr. Reily finally cozing up to her mere feet from a still pinning Sam, the drama shouldn’t disappoint. I don’t think I could handle an accidental pregnancy though, unless she gets in a Violet situation and won’t know if the father is Sam or Jake until the baby’s born. That’s the kind of plot throw back I could get behind.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you happy to see Addison moving on from her quest to get a baby?