Grey’s Anatomy “Hope for the Hopeless” Review

“Hope for the Hopeless” tried to inject some real Grey’s doctor drama into the pool of happiness and light that is Derek, Meredith and Zola. So we wouldn’t get confused about what the darkness is counter acting, they added it during the kid’s first birthday party.

The sad patient story of the night was a little old. Obviously the mom of the tumor patient has never seen an episode of a doctor show. The kid always figures out what they’ve got. And nine different doctors for a backache? He’d have to be really, really unobservant to still buy that.

Callie and Arizona are starting to turn into a two headed monster. At this point it’s mostly funny rather than annoying, especially when they’re trying to cheer up Teddy.

Meredith not wanting to kick Alex and Izzy out of her house made sense because they had made up her family for years, before Derek was there for her. But now that she’s raising a baby with him, wouldn’t she want to suggest that at least Kepner and Avery out? It’s kind of insane for a couple of married doctors with a kid living with three roommates. It’s more believable that now they’re getting there own place.

Like so many Grey’s Anatomy OR activities like fighting and lusting, taking pictures and clapping before it’s done just seem incredibly inappropriate. Is 10,000 surgery celebrations really a thing I wonder, and is that the only milestone,or are we assuming Richard had an off camera 5,000 surgery celebration? Shouldn’t they celebrate a milestone of successful surgeries?

Episode after episode Grey’s Anatomy proves that while you can’t text and drive because you might get distracted, multi-tasking while hacking into someone’s liver will work out just fine. While Richard performed his 10,000th surgery he was able to sing and deal with a triad of emotions: guilt over a past affair, guilt over what that affair did to Meredith, and sadness over his wife’s deteriorating condition. That’s some serious multi-tasking.

It was incredibly sad to watch Richard and Adele’s duet. And I’m sure Kepner sniffling in the background wasn’t helpful. You’d think the shooting would have toughened her up a bit, or the chief resident gig, but she seems just as weepy as ever.

It also seemed a little weird that everyone was harping on Meredith to follow in her mother’s footsteps. They all remember that her mother was emotionally abusive and overall neglectful, right? I mean she is the reason for Meredith’s giant physiological scars, and having a hospital of people insisting her mom is in her genes can’t be helpful for her mental state. At least Richard was kind enough to point out she’s much nicer than her mom.

You knew when Owen got sad eyes when he saw Christina playing with Zola he was going to bring up the abortion. I did not see the phrase, “you killed our baby,” coming though. That seems way too harsh to say after the fact, after he’d supposedly forgiven her and accepted it and held her hand. I wonder if this will be the end of Christina and Owen’s relationship or if Christina will look at Meredith, Callie, Arizona, Sloan, and Bailey and start to think that raising a kid while being a surgeon is possible.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Should they have been celebrating Richard’s 10,000 surgery?