Supernatural Thursdays: Castiel is Coming Back – Time to Celebrate or Say Goodbye?


I don’t know about you folks, but when I heard the news that Castiel was making a return to Supernatural in episode 17 (plus two more!) of this season, I was as happy as a schoolgirl in pigtails with a lollipop. There may even have been some dancing involved, and probably more than a little bit of squealing, but I can neither confirm nor deny those rumors.

Now that the dancing (and the squealing) has ended, I’ve spent some time reading a bunch of interviews from various people at the SPN camp talking about Castiel’s return and I gotta say, not all of it makes me want to keep my dancing shoes on.

Believe me, I’m not trying to be maudlin here. Of course, all l I really want to do is celebrate this wonderful news, but I can’t help but to feel worried that they’re just bringing Castiel back to give him a proper send-off. Originally, back when I wrote my article about why the fans wanted Castiel back, I thought I’d be happy with a scenario like that. I *thought* I was mostly upset at his lack of big goodbye (like Bobby, who got one so good it still makes me weep at the thought), but now it turns out I want more.

I know, stingy thing aren’t I?

Now on the one hand, I find myself gleefully thinking about the possibilities of how Castiel will return and how his story will progress. We’ve gotten some tidbits from the writers but with no real confirmation, my imagination runs wild with possibilities. Will he be an angel? A powerless angel in a human vessel? A leviathan? The choices are almost endless and all of them have me pretty freaking excited.

Also, I can’t help but to hope that, however he returns, these episodes will lead into a whole new character arc for him. Even if he’s not around as much, I’d love to see Castiel continue to pop up as long as the series is on the air. Not to jinx us or anything, but I personally feel like we’ve got a pretty good chance for at least one more season with the Winchesters.

Now on the other hand, so far I’ve only heard of him coming back in those three episodes and while I’m sure that’s because no one over there wants to reveal too much, my cynical side (the one without the dancing shoes) can’t help but to think that those final three episodes could be….gulp…his last.

Have the Powers That Be planned to bring Castiel back only to break our hearts again with another farewell? Even if he gets the heroic send-off this character so richly deserves, I know I will be one very sad fangirl if that happens.

As much as I understand the writers intentions to tear Sam and Dean’s world down this season and take away all the people they had come to count on (heck I even admire the whole idea), a part of me is still hoping that Castiel won’t actually be killed off for good (as “good” as it gets on Supernatural).

So how do you guys feel now that you know our favorite angel is going to return? Are you cautious like me, still celebrating like mad, or ready with a box of tissues to cry your eyes out?

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