Revenge “Commitment” Review

The strongest aspect of Revenge, the one that’s been ingrained in the show since the beginning, is the fact that the things Emily does are actually horrible and they have serious, terrible consequences. This was the strongest episode of the show by far, yet it featured no acts of vengeance, just the fallout of Emily’s nefarious schemes. From Jack getting beaten up, to sending Amanda out of town to giving Conrad the information which revealed that the daughter he’s loved and cherished all these years is actually the child of a “terrorist” and not his at all, this episode was filled with devastating consequences.

Revenge is melodrama at its finest. It thrives in the soap: the glorious Madeline Stowe is giving one of the best performances of the year. Every line of dialogue, ever smile, ever syllable she utters might as well be delivered with her lounging on a rug of a Siberian tiger in front of a grand fireplace. The scene between herself and the faux Amanda? You can just tell she’s relishing the campness.

But what makes this show fantastically entertaining is that it’s actually clever. How will Victoria possibly get out of the sticky mess wherein it’s revealed that her daughter was the result of an affair between herself and David Clarke, the “terrorist” she helped lock behind bars? Why, she’s say he raped her, of course. Not that she says it directly – in one of the best scenes, when she confesses to her son Daniel who Charlotte’s father really is, he mistakenly attributes her grief (which the audience knows stems from the realization that her fortunes and reputation are lost and what she’s done has, like Emily’s schemes, has caused some serious damage) to the memory of a past trauma-of course the best part about this is that she allows him to go one thinking this. Way to screw up your kid, Victoria, AKA, best villain on television!

It’s a scene which both establishes Daniel as not only the good guy, but a likable good guy. And watching him tell Emily, watching her digest the information that yes, her father’s name may be about to be dragged through the rot, once again, this time thanks to her: I mean, does it get any better?

Line of the night? How about Nolan’s: “Oh well kudos to you. it looks like the ends finally justified the means…or should I say meanness?”

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