CSI “Ms. Willows Regrets” Review

In case you haven’t heard, this week’s CSI, “Ms. Willows Regrets,” is the penultimate episode of Catherine’s time at the LVPD crime lab. And while I might not have ever been her biggest fan, I’m always a little sad (and sometimes a lot sad) to see core members of the cast leave.

Anyone good fan of the show knows that every nod that’s ever been made to Catherine’s personal life has been over-the-top and dramatic. Her daughter’s been left to die in a flooded car and kidnapped. Her ex was murdered. Her father was a billionaire casino magnate/crime boss who was gunned down in front of her. She was drugged and made to think she was raped. The list goes on and on and on.

So it makes sense that Catherine’s time on the show is ending with a bang…literally. No, not an explosion (she’s already survived so many of those), but with a hail of bullets in her own house, and one lucky shot that caught her in the side.

I personally think she will survive the gunshot, but the case in which she’s found herself embroiled is so big that it not only requires at least three episodes, but it might just force her into early retirement. For her health.

Revisiting the private security firm case from a few episodes ago, the lab is once again thrown into the mix of an FBI investigation. Things have only gotten worse, though, as the firm is killing witnesses and using genetically altered beetles to get rid of the bodies. Catherine discovers the link when three bodies are identified as employees of the law firm to which she referred her friend, the wife of the head of the corrupt security firm.

Despite all of her efforts and all of the lab’s work, she was unable to save either her friend or the handsome FBI agent she could have conceivably hooked up with. A bad day all around, both for her and for justice. Fortunately, the bad guys got sloppy and (I believe, because this hasn’t been confirmed yet) sent DB a fake letter of resignation on Catherine’s part. This prompted him to swing by her house and save her from several masked figures with super guns.

It was a good episode, even if it did end on a cliffhanger. Will Catherine succumb to her injury? (Doubtful.) Will she be forced into witness protection? (Possible.) Will there be another reason for her departure that we’re not even aware of yet? (Probable.)

I’ll be sad to see Catherine go, but eager to see the others step up in her wake, particularly Nick and Greg and Sara. They’ve always been my favorites, anyway.

What did you think? How will Catherine leave the lab? Let me know below!