Will Viewers Ever Learn Who Killed Rosie Larsen on ‘The Killing’?

It looks like viewers of the much-buzzed about AMC series The Killing won’t get to find out who killed Rosie Larsen until the end of season two. As many will recall, there was quite a bit of fervor last year as the show’s debut season came to a close, leaving off with a cliffhanger ending and no reveal of the culprit of who killed the teen.

Series creator Veena Sud, in a recent magazine article, stated, “I wanted to tell The Killing with the rhythm and tones of everyday life, the hesitations, and the silences, and the not-knowing-what-to-say. The messiness and unstructured way of people who I think sometimes we aren’t encouraged to do in TV. We are encouraged to connect the dots with straight lines, and not take detours or go off in tangents that are messy and nonlinear.”

The second season of ‘The Killing’ will begin in the spring. [Source: Entertainment Weekly]