Southland Season 4 Premiere – New Partners, New Faces, Same Old Sh*& [Advance Review]

The best cop show on television is back! Every season I am so grateful that TNT decided to pick up Southland for themselves, there just isn’t another cop show like it on TV. And the good news is, starting tonight, we will be getting brand new episodes from the series as it returns for its fourth season.

In the premiere episode, “Wednesday” we are thrown right back into the action. We get the usual opening sequences that takes place later in the episode, a quote from the narrator sharing insight into what it means to be a cop, and we’re back to the beginning.

Officer John Cooper is back to work after taking some time off to recover from back surgery. He is assigned a new partner, Officer Jessica Tang (special guest star Lucy Liu), who has a pretty heavy baggage of her own. I think Lucy Liu is a great addition to the show, Jessica Tang is a great character and I think she will be an interesting partner for Cooper.

As for Cooper’s old partner Ben, well he’s now partnered with Sammy and in the premiere episode, they have to chase down an armed men heading into an elementary school. Same sh*& every day. To make things worse, Ben bumps heads with a street cop (guest star Lou Diamond Phillips) who has a very different philosophy on how they’re supposed to do their jobs.

Lydia also has a new partner, Ruben Robinson (guest star Dorian Missick), who so far seems pretty decent, let’s hope it lasts. Unfortunately for her, one of her former CI comes out of witness protection and asks her for help to keep her safe, which turns out to be easier said than done when you’re dealing with a drug addict.

Let’s just say that Southland hasn’t dialed things down this season and will throw you right back into the action. There might be new partners and some new faces, but for Southland‘s cops it’s the same old sh*&. And that’s the way we love it.

So if you’re looking for a gritty, authentic cop show, it’s about time you started watching Southland. And you’re already a fan, then all I can say is get ready for another powerful season, because if the premiere episode is anything to go by, it’s going to be a wonderfully bumpy ride.

Don’t forget to watch Southland when it returns tonight, January 17th at 10pm on TNT.