Raising Hope “Mrs. Smartypants” Review

Welp, a new year and a new Raising Hope! This show has really been on fire in it’s second season, and I was looking to “Mrs. Smartypants” to continue that streak. So how was it?

Well, this episode might not have been quite as strong as some of the others this season, but it was still pretty darn entertaining. Upon finding that Hope might be a super genius, it makes the rest of the Chance squad feel a little inferior. They all end up deciding to go back to school and get take their GED exam, and hilary ensues! Well…at least hilarity was supposed to ensue, but this premise never really got off its feet. There were some bright spots to be sure, with the return of Drakkar Noir and a fun little cameo from Fred Willard, but a whole lot of the jokes felt a bit forced. You could see a lot of the wordplay and puns coming from a mile away. As soon as Sabrina said “volume”, you just knew Jimmy was going to speak louder. As soon as Mr. Swift asked what the opposite of a “right triangle” is, you just knew they would answer either “Wrong triangle” or “left triangle”, and we got both!

The best part of this show continues to be Garrett Dillahunt’s hilarious role as Burt Chance. After Martha Plimpton got her well-deserved Emmy nomination, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dillahunt finds himself on that short list next year. Between making up words and trying his hardest to fart, he had me in stitches. There goes the word thumb again!

Random Thoughts:

– Burt’s shirt, “I’d Rather Be in Virginia”, was freaking hilarious. Out of all of the awesome t-shirts we’ve seen Burt wear, that was probably the best.

– That house of red plastic cups was a real thing! Check out Garrett Dillahunt’s twitter page to see a little behind-the-scenes pictures of the crew setting it up!

– Can we please get a full version of Cloris Leachman and Martha Plimpton singing the “Complete List of American Wars” song? Thank you.