Hawaii Five-0 “Pu’olo” Review

Hawaii Five-0 PU'OLO (THE PACKAGE)

This episode of Hawaii Five-0 is called “Pu’olo”, which means “The Package” in Hawaiian. That package is stolen from a truck during a robbery that ends in the death of one of the drivers. That’s when Five-0 steps in. Meanwhile Joe is still a man on the run, refusing to give up the truth about Hiro and paying the price by having, well, a price on his head. But when he’s nearly gunned down in the middle of the street and comes close to getting an innocent woman killed, Steve has had enough and forces the issue; making Joe tell Andrew the truth. Doing so, they make themselves a wary ally, which could make for some very interesting stories in the future.

In the end, Joe decides to come completely clean with Steve and tells him everything. Surprise, surprise, it turns out that Shelburne isn’t so much a real person as an alias created to draw fire away from Steve’s father’s investigation. But it was under that name that Joe killed Wo-Fat’s father and suddenly the relentless pursuit of Steve and Joe makes sense. Joe’s only choice is to leave, as it’s the only way he can guarantee Steve’s safety and the safety of those he cares about.

Is it wrong that a part of me is sort of happy to put this Wo-Fat, Shelburne thing away for a little while? As much fun and intriguing as it was, I’m excited to get back to the team just working on some cases. I feel like Danny and Steve haven’t worked together all that much in a while and I miss it. I want some carguments and more of that team camaraderie I fell in love with in season one. Danny’s bit in this episode, helping Rachel deliver her baby, was adorable and I loved it, but I want Danny back in the action. So though I will miss Joe, and I really will miss that guy, I’m happy to see him go for a little while. Besides, I have no doubt that he will be back again soon enough.

My favorite bits….

Finding out just how far back Steve and Joe’s relationship goes.

The transition from little Steve hearing his father tell him that he could always trust Uncle Joe, to big Steve following him.

Giggling a little when it became clear that Danny still hadn’t found a new place to live.

Danny asking if they were doing a “thing” to claim they’d heard something..before realizing that he did actually hear something.

Steve figuring out that he’d just shot their only lead. Oops.

Danny coming to the rescue for Rachel. Can he seriously be any sweeter?

“Holy mullet! Who is this guy?”

Steve declaring that they’d done it Joe’s way, and now they were doing it his way.

“Shrimp, perfectly healthy.”
“Not the way I make it.”

Hm. I wonder if maybe the show has a deal with Subway?

Kamekona sort of misunderstanding the whole idea of weight loss.

Steve cracking up when Sang Min tried to do the whole macho stare-down thing in that ridiculous get-up.

Danny reading the passages from that book. Whoa, I didn’t realize women could breathe through THAT.

The little twerp calling Kamekona the “shave ice snitch.” Oh man, that was so not a good idea. He’s lucky the only thing broken were his sunglasses.

A flame thrower? Holy cow!

“You know, something I read…..is that labor pains are the hardest part, Danny.”

Steve apologizing for giving Danny crap while he was helping his ex-wife deliver another man’s baby. Yeah, I’d say that was a time for a little slack.

Adam finally learning the truth about his father. Interesting how his dad was doing the same thing that Steve’s father tried to do for him, keep his fight from becoming his son’s fight.

Whoa! I was not expecting them to find Richard still alive.

Danny trying to reassure Rachel, though I think he probably should have picked a phrase without “hand grenade” in it.

Danny getting all choked up when Rachel was holding the baby. Awwww.

“Take it from me, writing that alimony check every month is hard enough. But helping your ex through 12 hours of labor? That’s above and beyond.” – You said it Joe, and how.

Joe taking Steve to his father’s grave site to tell him the truth.

The way Joe’s voice broke when he apologized to Steve for everything. That made my chin quiver, not gonna lie.

“So where are you going to go?”
“I’ll know when I get there.”

“You say he has my nose, I’ll bust yours.”

Danny sending Stan picture of his son. Yep, like I said, sweetest guy ever.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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