Castle “Dial M for Mayor” Review

Castle Dial M for Murder

In this episode of Castle, titled “Dial M for Mayor”, Rick and Kate are on the case of a murder that leads them to, you guessed it, the mayor. Seems their victim had been nosing around where she wasn’t wanted and found out some things she wasn’t supposed to. As expected, all evidence immediately begins to point to the mayor and while I knew that to be a red herring, I didn’t realize where the hunt would ultimately take them.

About halfway through the investigation, just when things are looking especially grim for the mayor, Castle gets a call from the Mysterious Man. Turns out Beckett is again on a case that can put her in danger and Mr. Mysterious asks Castle to keep her from looking too closely down the dark paths, lest she find something that may bite her back.

It’s sad that though they save the mayor from the charges, they didn’t actually save him at all. His flunkie may have been guilty of making a phone call that ended the girl’s life, but it was the people on the other end of the phone line that are running the show and they have decided that mayor is as far as he will get. As for Beckett, she didn’t get to them this time but I have no doubt she’ll be on their trail as soon as she catches the scent again. Castle is going to have his hands full keeping her from them for too long and when she does get on the right track, what then? I don’t envy Castle when that day comes.

My favorite bits..

“Daughters. That’s why King Lear went mad.”

Beckett refusing to back down and let someone else do her job.

“Step back? These are politicians. They can’t order in a restaurant without two compromises and an ultimatum.”

Loving the idea of Castle and Beckett doing a crime blog. Unlike police reports, I have a feeling Castle would enjoy writing that.

“What is this place?”
“I’d say about $4.99 a minute.” – Yep, I figured that out the moment they busted down the door.

Chief Sexecutive Officer. Ha! That’s kinda awesome.

Beckett’s look when Castle commented that sometimes the callers were looking for therapy from the phone operators.

Castle deciding not to tell Beckett about the phone call from Mr. Mysterious.

Ryan agreeing to tell Castle, and only Castle, if he spotted anything that connected the case to Beckett. Just love how he’s a real part of the team now. I can’t imagine Ryan agreeing to that a couple seasons ago.

Castle pointing out to Beckett that the moment she moved on the mayor, his career was over.

I’m with Castle, it feels like the Captain is hoping the case points to the mayor so she can get rid of him.

Beckett benching Castle. Whoa.

Finding out a little more about Gates’ past. Wow, interesting. I didn’t suspect that at all. I like that she’s becoming more likeable.

Beckett telling Castle that she thought the mayor was playing him. Yikes.

Wondering how the heck Mr. Mysterious disappeared so fast into a moving vehicle.

The look on Castle’s face when Jordan said the people he was dealing with were more dangerous than they could know.

The lawyer walking in before Jordan could give the name of his contact. Gaahhh!

Gates handing the eraser to Beckett and encouraging her to move on.

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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