5 TV Shows Ready for a Reboot

5 TV Shows Ready for a Reboot

The networks have caught reboot fever. Updated versions of everything from The Munsters to Bewitched are in contention this pilot season and that’s not to mention the comeback kids already (or soon to be) on air like Hawaii Five-0 and Dallas. This “everything old is new again” philosophy is catching. While I would rather the networks come up with fresh ideas, there are a few shows I wouldn’t mind seeing return to the airwaves with a fresh cast and a modern spin.

1. Moonlighting


There simply aren’t enough private investigators on television these days. We have plenty of cops and detectives, but with a few exceptions PIs are mostly a thing of the past. Enter Maddie and David, an odd couple pair with an ample amount of unresolved sexual tension and a penchant for breaking the fourth wall. With the right casting and writing team, an updated Moonlighting would fit in nicely with the likes of Castle and The Mentalist. Only it would have an even sharper bite. My pick for the showrunner to shepherd in this reboot? Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls). Her penchant for rapid fire, quippy dialogue and will-they-or-won’t-relationships would make her a perfect fit.

2. The Facts of Life

The Facts of Life

The adventures of Jo, Tootie, Blair and Natalie are no doubt dated thanks to their 1980’s sensibilities and love of Very Special Episodes, but that’s nothing a few cell phones and a generous helping of modern savviness can’t fix. A show about teenage girls, who aren’t dating vampires or discovering their secret witch backgrounds, would make a nice addition to The CW’s current lineup and give the network a chance to tap into a little nostalgia of their own by harkening back to the earnest, fuzzy sweater wearing teens that populated The WB in the ’90s. And hey, they could even get lucky and find the next George Clooney, you never know.

3. Remember WENN

Remember WENN

I believe I just heard a collective huh from the world at large. Don’t remember this show? You’re probably not alone. Back before Mad Men, AMC had another original series that just so happened to be a period piece: Remember WENN, a dramedy set at a ’40s-era radio station. It ran for four seasons, but always seemed to fly under the pop culture radar, making it the perfect candidate for a second go. Only this time AMC could really commit to the idea by stripping away the more overtly comedic elements and go for a sly, dramatic tone instead. Can you imagine how cool that premise could be if AMC managed to do for the ’40s what they did for the ’60s?

4. Who’s the Boss?

Who's the Boss?

I was fond of this show as a kid, but when I caught a few episodes in syndication recently it came off a wee bit hokey. Still, the idea at the core is perfect for a sitcom and it’s au courant considering today’s economic situation. An ex-major league baseball player forced to take a job as a housekeeper would resonate and let’s face it, it also has the potential to be incredibly funny. Someone should check and see if Ken Marino is busy, I’m just saying.

5. Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen Confidential is a great example of the right idea at the wrong time. It had a terrific cast (Bradley Cooper, John Francis Daley and John Cho) and it was amusing enough, but food culture hadn’t quite seized the nation so thoroughly back in 2005 when the show debuted. With food entertainment as popular as it is these days it boggles my mind that we have yet to see a network show explore the life of a kitchen staff or a celebrity chef (and no, as much as I enjoy it, 2 Broke Girls doesn’t count) in a non-reality setting. Given the number of TV shows the man has, Anthony Bourdain’s colorful past still seems like a reasonable place to start. My only suggestion would be to aim for FX rather than Fox this time around so viewers could really get the most bad boy chef bang for their buck.


There you have it, those are my picks. Did you find the idea of remaking Moonlighting shameful or are you too busy composing your own list of dream show resurrections? Tell me about it in the comments.

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