2 Broke Girls “And The Upstairs Neighbour” Review

2 Broke Girls is one of the funniest new shows on television. It’s much better than New Girl, which has still found the spark of chemistry, and it’s smarter than Whitney, which was cripppled from the beginning with its dated premise. When it works best, the show is about two friends with chemistry to spare trying to make it in America, a land where you’re either rich or poor-unless you work your ass off.

This week’s episode brought the girls out of the diner (after a cringeworthy – in the best way – intro where the girls tried to out-perv the perv Oleg) and concentrated on their apartment. It featured one of the best visual gags the the has ever done, where the ever optimistic Caroline decided to meet the neighbours. Armed with cupcakes, she knocks on the door while Max tries desperately to pull her back into the safety of their apartment and is greeted with a man on a leash. The best part about it was the anonymous someone tugging at the leash from within the apartment. It’s a weird, wacked out thing, something that you’d hear in those “my cousin’s sister’s friend’s cousin had a friend who said…” stories about New York’s underbelly, and it worked brilliantly.

Jennifer Coolidge guest starred with a Polish accent. It’s nice to hear her adopting a voice at least a little different from her usual croon, and I thought that she worked well in the dynamic between the three of them.

The most important thing about this episode was that it proved that 2 Broke Girls does not need the diner setting to be hilarious. When it was firing on all cylinders, it was just Max and Caroline playing off each other. Anyone who heard about the apparent disaster that was Michael Patrick King’s press room ordeal at the TCAs knows that the show’s biggest weakness is the diner where the characters are painful racist stereotypes. If King does not seem willing to develop them, it would seem the savviest thing to do would be to cut them loose. The show is excellent without them and there’s no reason why they should drag the show’s quality down.