Pan Am “Diplomatic Relations” Review

As a show struggling to survive, things on Pan Am are getting serious. This week, in “Diplomatic Relations,” most of the crew (plus a newly-returned Bridget) took a historic flight to Moscow where things quickly went downhill.

Of course, there was no way Kate was going behind the Iron Curtain without some sort of assignment. Her mission to check on an undercover operative might have been a piece of cake in any other country, but thanks to the KGB and her own sister, who decided that taking pictures of buildings was a good idea, Kate’s simple task turned into an exercise in secret politics.

I had a thought that maybe Laura wasn’t just taking those photos for her own scrapbook, like she might be working a mission just like Kate, but it was a fleeting notion. I love Laura, but it’s a good thing she’s pretty. (Unless that’s her cover…) Regardless, at least she had Bridget to keep her calm in a Russian holding cell. It was about the only good thing Bridget did all night.

Yes, she did sleep with Dean. Not only that, but I’m 99.9% sure that she stole his cuff link for the specific purpose of accidentally allowing Colette to find it. I wasn’t sure until I saw that little smirk on her face while she watched Dean tell Colette about how the cuff link came to be in her possession. She wants him back and she is willing to break Colette’s heart to do it. That says a lot about Bridget. We need to keep our eyes on her in the future.

I sort of wish there had been more consequences for their mistakes in Russia. Not that I wanted to see Laura left behind (Bridget, maybe), but it seemed like things wrapped up too easily. All it took was a phone call and a lot of money to get the girls released. Maybe it would have been that easy in real life, but I still wonder if the stakes could have been heightened just a bit. Thoughts, Comrades?

Back in New York, Maggie’s article has her congressman’s camp baying for blood, but rather than play it cool and keep a great guy with questionable politics, she shoots her mouth off at a fundraiser and outs herself as the liberal writer. I hope that’s not the end of the relationship. It’s a little Romeo and Juliet…the beatnik and the Republican.

At the same party, Ted worked up the nerve to propose to Amanda, his girlfriend of one month. Alhough she said yes with a fair amount of joy, when she found Maggie crying in the ladies room, Amanda commiserated with her about men, agreed that women were better and then, in a move that would be bold even today, kissed her.

Oh, poor Ted. He just can’t win. Dismissed by his dad, betrayed by the Air Force, passed over by Pan Am and now his fiancee is a lesbian. At least Laura likes him…or does she only like him when he’s unavailable? Time will tell.

And time is exactly what I wish for Pan Am, whose future is still up in the air. I know there’s an online move to keep the show on the air and I want to fully lend my support. Just let me know what I can do!

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!!