House of Lies “Amsterdam” Review

House of Lies "Amsterdam" Episode 2 (8)

After an up and down first episode that garnered mixed reviews among prominent television critics, House of Lies served up their second offering this Sunday with “Amsterdam.” This week, The Pod tackled the ripped-from-the-headlines story of a divorcing owners of a pro sports team (Hi, McCourts!). In reality, this week’s case was barely treated with any importance. Instead, it served as the backdrop for more hilarious interplay between the actors.

Regardless of the show’s trajectory and storylines, it’s clear that House of Lies has a firm base in their four main characters. The Pod comes off like your group of friends from high school: No one is immune from occasional ribbing, the successes of one become the successes of the group, and the group can speak in a language that only they really understand. These four people have can take any type of discourse (however crude) and weave into something entertaining. You really couldn’t ask for a lot more from the interpersonal relationships of Cheadle and his Pod.

If The Pod as a group of friends is the strength, The Pod as a business team is the weakness of the show. Once again, the show offered us no reason why we should believe these people are good at their jobs. Apparently, we are supposed to take Marty Kaan at his word when he says that he can close. I want to believe you, Marty. Just show me some proof. Because aside from a flop-sweating gentleman in a restaurant, I don’t know why I should believe that you are an expert closer. It doesn’t have to be much, but a little background on the members of The Pod would be nice.

In addition to the business dalliances of Mr. Kaan, Marty found time to further confuse us about the state of his family life. The issue of his son’s cross-dressing really seemed shoehorned into the show. How is today the first day anyone at Roscoe’s school has taken offense to his cross-dressing? Wouldn’t this situation have been handled at any school within a week of school starting? In any event, I’m really not enjoying the School Crisis of the Week theme they have going so far. The kid seems nice enough. He should be able to have a normal week or two at school. Oh well, I guess that’s the burden of being a teenage cross-dresser.

One other thing, Marty: You told us in no uncertain terms to “Never f#&* your ex-wfe” last week. Seems a little disingenuous after the fight sex you had with her in the restaurant bathroom. You won’t get any beef from me. That is an attractive woman. Now, if you could help Doug with Cat Deeley…

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