Gossip Girl “The End of the Affair” Review

Why, after watching “The End of the Affair,” this week’s Gossip Girl, do I feel like I need to buy a new computer? Huh. Weird.

Speaking of weird, how odd was it not to have any initial GG voiceover? After the events of the mid-season finale, the Queen of NYC dirt has (seemingly) vanished. Also, Blair lost her baby, which was very sad, but didn’t feel sad enough. Chuck survived the crash, but woke up to a world of infinite angst.

Yes, the reunion of Blair and Chuck was not meant to be. After entering into what I’m pretty sure is a one-way bargain with God, Blair decided that the only way to save Chuck’s life would be to cut him out of her life and marry Louis as planned. The only person she told about this deal was Dan, who she enlisted to help her convert to Catholicism. Of course, spending so much time away from home prompted Louis to think she was having an affair with Chuck, and Chuck to think she had started up with Dan.

Are you confused yet? Well, join the club. I honestly feel like the writers just don’t want Blair and Chuck to be together, but they can’t quite pull the plug on the relationship. The only thing they can create is unnecessary angst, which I usually enjoy, but is leaving a sour taste in my mouth right now. Blair really believes that God will kill Chuck if she breaks up with Louis? Are we really supposed to not only buy that, but believe that Chuck will buy it?

I’m going to leave that alone for right now, because I have a feeling I will have more to rant about in the coming weeks and I want to pace myself. Let’s talk about Serena, who has become everyone’s favorite blogger in Gossip Girl’s place. What she really wants, however, is Dan, but it seems like he’s still got it bad for Blair. He seems so uninterested in her that I’m uninterested in the fact that she’s interested in him.

Lily misses Charlie so much that she tries to track her down, but only succeeds in finding the really Charlotte Rhodes. Of course, only Rufus knows that; Lily just thinks it’s a more common name than she thought. Good thing this real Charlie is pretty; she’ll fit in very well at Casa de Van der Woodsen.

Nate is contacted by a mysterious source (oh, there you are, GG!!) who prompts him to take a harder look at the accident. As it turns out, Chuck and Blair took a hit that was meant for Nate. But who would want him dead? He doesn’t really do anything.

I know this is a little out of my arena, but am I the only one who wants to do something with Blair’s hair? It’s always just hanging limp around the too-large shoulders of the Golden Girls-esque evening gowns she’s been wearing this season. She’s not supposed to be pregnant anymore. Can she please wear something that fits now?

I have to say…this episode disappointed me. What did you think? Let me know below.