Chuck “Chuck Versus Bo” Review

It’s no surprise that the second half of Chuck episodes are usually fantastic, brought down usually by a crummy first half. It’s a formula which Chuck has embraced and kept to rather loyally throughout its run: first half of an episode is filled with slapstick comedy, second half the stakes are raised and the emotions are put to test.

Some people watch Chuck for the comedy. I’m more of a stakes are raised and everyone might die and let misery ensue! kinda gal myself, so I usually enjoy the second half of the episodes and I grow weary of subplots like Jeff and Lester intruding on the dramatic side of things. It’s not that I want Chuck to be miserable and fun-free – I loved when everyone, especially Sarah, was teasing Chuck about his crush on Bo Derek – but the show, for me, has had some tonal issues which have never really gone away.

So this episode which was mainly centered on Sarah finally realizing that she was completely ready to leave the spy game (I love that it wasn’t a huge villainous catalyst but merely the paper delivery boy who brought her, at last, to this decision) and the team trying to recover the Instersect glasses was the usual Chuck affair: goofy, enjoyable, not-overly serious for all but the last ten or so minutes.

Then things got serious when Chuck was kidnapped and Sarah and Casey went to rescue him, only to find themselves pinned down. Yvonne Strahovski and the stunt team have done some seriously awesome fight choreography – one of the reasons Sarah is my favorite character in Chuck is that her fight scenes are brilliant and Strahovski is athletic enough that I can believe it’s Sarah fighting which just ups the stakes of any fight, unlike, say, Morgan’s, which were just shockingly amateurish in their cuts from Morgan to the stunt double.

This fight scene was just amazing. You forget how much you care about these characters until they’re in genuine danger, so when Casey was shouting at Sarah telling her not to do it just as you realized she’s going to download the Intersect into her own brain, well, I don’t know about you, but my heart was doing backflips, and not necessarily because I feared for Sarah’s life (which I do) but because, corny as it sounds, it was basically a wordless declaration of her love for Chuck and Casey.

So yeah, overall this episode was a big winner for me, and had one of the best endings to a Chuck episode…well, ever.

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