Blue Bloods “The Uniform” Review

It was classic Frank form to categorically oppose using 9/11 as a recruiting sales pitch for the force, and it did seem incredibly tasteless. While I understand what the guy pitching it was trying to do, appeal to potential cops senses of duty to protect and their feelings of patriotism, I just don’t know how believable it is that anyone connected to the police force, that lost so many men, would think it was a good idea to suggest it. Maybe I could see them using a picture of the memorial to symbolize strength after the tragedy, but the actual falling towers would just be too sad and upsetting.

Using Jamie’s speech about why he wanted to join the force to pitch his own recruiting campaign seemed a little cheesy. I think it would have actually worked better if they did tape Jamie. Really they should have just taped the entire Reagan family, except Erin, who we barely saw in “The Uniform.” and who they were kind of mean to at this weeks family dinner. I mean first with Jamie implying that if he had stayed in law he would have ended up a miserable rich jerk while sitting next to her lawyer sister, and then when she pipes up, pointing out she likes her life in the law, Jamie asserting and the whole table basically agreeing that being a cop is the better profession. Erin’s always the outsider.

The cop (auxiliary cop, at least) fleeing the scene of the crime subplot was really interesting because we’re set up to both be rooting for him and be distrustful of him. On the one hand, he had a kind of creepy shrine to the NYPD, including the picture of Frank, that seems to really weird out Danny. On the other hand, he was barred for the NYPD for reasons that might have kept Danny out too if he wasn’t luckier, and he just seems so naive and trusting. No matter what evidence they found that showed his uncle was doing something illegal he was certain that there had to be a mistake, and his earnestness was endearing. It was painful to watch when his uncle, who he truly cared about and had defended told him he wasn’t a real cop.

While it was a nice way to wrap up the story for Danny to promise him to pull a few string for him the next time he takes the police exam, I feel like that’s really unrealistic, even for Blue Bloods. Won’t the creepy shrine mar his pysch evaluation? Even if he was found not guilty of association with any of the crimes his uncle was involved with, won’t the trusting nature that allowed him to be so close to the crime without realizing what was going on disqualify him? Personally I might like to hang out with the guy, but I don’t think I’d want him patrolling the streets with a gun.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Jamie ever regret giving up law for the police force?