A Gifted Man “In Case of (Re)Birth” Review

It’s birthdays all around in this week’s A Gifted Man. Michael turns 38, the age his father was when he died, and his mood is darker than usual. He clashes heads with both Kate and E-Mo over the cases of the week: a homeless teenager who gives birth and leaves her baby at the clinic, and an artist whose brain tumour is both the source of his creativity and a potential threat to his life.

Neither case was particularly complex. In the first, a teenage runaway comes to the clinic and quickly gives birth. While everyone is tending to the baby, the mother flees. Zeke tries to find the baby’s father, learns that he’s dead, and instead contacts the father’s mother – the baby’s grandmother. She’s grieving and lashes out, but later turns up at the clinic to claim the baby. Meanwhile, the mother comes back to the clinic with problems related to giving birth and emergency surgery is needed to save her life. Mother and grandmother come to an agreement, bonding over the baby.

In the second case, Michael thinks an exuberant artist may be suffering from a neurological condition. A brain scan shows that the sudden creative outburst the artist is experiencing comes from a brain tumour. Michael wants to operate but E-Mo isn’t convinced that taking out the source of the artist’s creativity is a good idea, especially since they don’t know whether the tumour is potentially life-threatening or not. Michael convinces the artist to have the surgery and it is completed successfully. The artist is left without his obsessive urge to draw and is convinced that he has lost his talent, but E-Mo tells him that he just has to find a new way to approach his art.

Both cases have been done on other medical shows — and probably done more successfully too. There was nothing particularly wrong with the episode, it was fairly solid overall, but I didn’t find it particularly engaging. It may even have been quite boring if not for the interaction between the lead and recurring characters. Christina volunteered in the clinic for a day and was a welcome addition. I hope they use volunteering in future as a way to integrate her into the show more fully. Even Rita got in on the act, coming by with Michael’s birthday cupcakes.

The only real surprise this week was that E-Mo was finally given a chance to become a proper character. We got a scene with him and Michael outside of work, and it even gave us E-Mo’s first big plot point: there’s a 50/50 chance he will develop Huntington’s disease. Was E-Mo forgetting Michael’s surprise cupcake and champagne celebration a genuine mistake or could it be a symptom of the onset of Huntington’s? Only time will tell

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