Up All Night “New Year’s Eve” Review

New Year’s Eve always seems as good of a time as any to evaluate one’s current partner; Regan and Chris take this a little too far in this week’s Up All Night as game night turns into an excuse to catalog every annoying thing about each other just in time for the new year.

Joining them in their countdown to midnight are Ava and Kevin, plus Missy and her very handsome British half-Jewish date. It’s not a good night for couples as Missy’s boyfriend’s utter perfection drives her crazy, and Kevin is starting to wonder if Ava is ashamed of him after she declines to invite him to join her on a New Year’s Day parade float.

Although Chris and Regan were supposed to take center stage, clashing over her insane competitive streak which has lead to him hating game nights, I think this episode really belonged to Ava and Kevin.

There was something so real and touching about Ava admitting that the reason she doesn’t want to be seen with him in public is because she’s afraid that she’ll mess up, the relationship will end and she’ll have to see the great guy she lots every time she Googles herself, which, apparently, she does a lot. Of course she does. She’s Ava and she’s awesome.

But Kevin isn’t going anywhere, at least not right away, and they’re in each other’s arms by midnight. So are Missy and her date; although he still annoys her, she somehow knows she will never find another gorgeous British doctor who can make ceviche, but really just wants to make her happy. I wonder if we’ll ever see him again.

Although they came very close to starting their new year with a white board full of all the things that annoy them about each other, Regan and Chris realize, with only seconds to spare, that those little things just don’t matter. The evening ends on a high note with Kevin and Chris blowing up a chicken. Happy New Year, indeed!

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