The Vampire Diaries “Our Town” Review

This week’s The Vampire Diaries instalment is ‘Our Town’. After Stefan threatens to dispose of Klaus’ family members if the hybrids aren’t forced to leave town, Klaus makes himself known to the council members at a fundraiser and asks them to do one thing — keep Stefan in check. His argument is a convincing one, and both the Mayor and Sheriff Forbes press Damon to do it. But Stefan isn’t quite so intimidated (or charmed) by Klaus. He calls Klaus’ bluff, threatening to kill Elena if the hybrids aren’t sent away, all the while driving Elena towards the bridge where her parents died. Klaus caves, but Elena’s pissed.

Meanwhile, Tyler, thinking that Klaus’s order to bite Caroline can’t withstand the power of true love, goes to see Caroline — and bites her. But Klaus comes to the rescue, giving Caroline a new outlook on her life as a vampire and a pretty necklace, too.

Okay, I’m just going to out and say it. Elena, I really couldn’t care less what you or the hypothetical you think about your life. Your love life is the thing of soap operas and if you’re not going to die, you could at least just shack up with Matt, the One True Human, and go off to Denver too. Heck, FedEx bags of blood back if you’re concerned about Klaus following you. Just stop whining about how everyone you love goes away when you’ve spent most of the last couple months (years?) keeping them in the dark. /end rant

Aside from that, there were some pretty good moments in this week’s episode. This wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, but this is the one when I finally thought the unthinkable: maybe Klaus is the guy to back.

Until now I’ve wanted the Klaus storyline to end. But seeing Klaus in the town, seeing him interact with the mayor and Sheriff, I found him more interesting than the Salvatores — at least this week. Okay, so it’s all an act and he would slaughter them without hesitation if he so chose, but that tension made yet another fundraiser a hell of a lot more interesting, in my opinion.

And let’s not forget his visit with Caroline. That was a truly beautiful scene. Klaus’ tender moments, when his guard is down and he’s being open and honest, are some of the redeeming things about this long (long) plotline. It would have been a great juxtaposition to Stefan’s coldness if I in fact gave a damn about Stefan. Instead I’m just finding him annoying.

Alaric’s flirtation with Dr Fell is…interesting. She’s apparently on the town council, but wouldn’t Alaric know if that was the case? Unless she means she’s related to someone on the town council, but council members tend to keep their knowledge hush-hush. And, more importantly, shouldn’t Klaus et al have heard about her and Bryan before if they’re the ones keeping vampire attacks from becoming common knowledge? (I’m not sure that this is an intended intrigue, rather an oversight on the part of the writers.)

Whatever her role in Mystic Falls, can she be trusted? Bryan is found dead at the end of the episode — staked. Was it Dr Fell, who had been arguing with him the day before? Or is someone else to blame?

Last but not least — Bonnie, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

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