The Secret Circle “Fire/Ice” Review

In this week’s episode of The Secret Circle (appropriately entitled ‘Fire/Ice’) the high school throws a ‘fire and ice’ themed dance. Diana is in charge of arrangements and she puts together a fairly fancy show. But the circle are put in danger when Faye uses the page from Cassie’s book of shadows and her Voodoo Dude, Lee, to take Cassie’s dark magic — and accidentally takes magic from the other circle members. A fire breaks out and everyone escapes unharmed, including Cassie and Melissa who are saved by an unknown man — who turns out to be Jake.

TSC is never less than entertaining. If people aren’t dying then things are bursting into flames or Faye is having a hissy fit. The dark magic thing came so close to being boring this week — and somehow pulled back from the edge with the possibility that Cassie’s father had been trying to rid himself of his dark magic, too. Since the spell was in Cassie’s book of shadows, it seems likely that her mom was trying to help him.

Could Adam be the one to help Cassie? They got close this week – very close – and as he said, her destiny is important to him. But Jake is back in the picture and I’m sure we can assume a love triangle will come into play. (If it were me, I’d pick Adam. He may be emo, but Jake only has one facial expression. It’s creepy.)

For all her bluster, Faye actually had a point this week. Yes, she was wrong to try and take Cassie’s dark magic, but Cassie has unwittingly unleashed so much more trouble for the circle. Surely the wise thing for them to do would be to accept Faye’s apology and try to draw her closer to them. Instead they let her take off and now she’s making eyes at the Voodoo Dude, and possibly thinking up new ways to get on their bad side.

All of which raises a question. The spell was intended to draw dark magic out of someone. It was Lee’s fiddling around that tethered it to Faye. If Faye, the most likely candidate, is John Blackwell’s other child then why didn’t the spell backfire and take the dark magic out of her? Surely she would have it too if she was his child. Could it be that someone else is John Blackwell’s kid?

If so, we’re left with Diana and Melissa, since it’s doubtful that the CW would dare suggest a love interest with Adam and Jake if either of them were related to her. Things could get even more interesting over the coming weeks…

What did you think of ‘Fire/Ice’? Who do you think Cassie’s half-sibling is? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!