The Mentalist “Always Bet on Red” Review

THE MENTALIST Always Bet on Red Season 4 Episode 11

In this episode of The Mentalist, called “Always Bet on Red”, the team is after a killer who blew up a divorce lawyer on his boat. Yes, they do have to solve murders of lawyers, let’s just move on shall we?

While the rest of the gang is working on the murder case, Jane and Lisbon have a problem of their own. FBI Special Agent Darcy shows up with questions about who killed the San Joaquin Killer and since that murderer acted a whole lot like Red John, it puts Jane in a tough spot. Jane of course believes that Red John is alive and now he’s even got hard proof of it, but he also can’t admit that to anyone but Lisbon because he told a jury that he killed the man. Rock, meet Hard Place.

Things go from bad to worse when Red John (and I guess I must accept now that it is either him or a very, very good copy cat) starts stalking Darcy. Seems Jane’s desperate step of sending him after Panzer has brought a closer relationship between them. What Jane does next proves just how far down he’s spiraled into this whole thing – he frames a dead man for Panzer’s death.

Sure, everything he did was out of an attempt to protect Darcy, but I can’t help but to wonder how far this could go. Then again, how much farther *could* it go? He’s already set a killer against another killer, manipulated evidence and convinced an FBI agent (plus a grieving wife) that an innocent man committed murder. These are some pretty insane steps and it seems like something has to break soon. But when it does, I wonder if it will all be swept away easily like it was when he murdered a man in cold blood. As much as I love him and would love all of this to simply go away, I don’t think it will this time.

My favorite bits..

I know it was wrong, but I totally had to laugh when the boat blew up in the middle of that guy’s tirade.

The way Jane turned tail and ran like a little girl when the boat went kaboom.

Jumping half out of my chair when …whatever that was…snatched the leg under water.

“At least he was dead when the, you know, shark ate him.”

“So, who wanted this guy dead?”
“He was a divorce attorney. Who didn’t?”

Jane comparing Red John to Elvis.

Jane admitting that he did in fact manipulate Panzer into insulting Red John as he couldn’t figure out any other way to stop him. Wow.

“Are you telling a lawyer joke?”

Being so very frightened when Grace got that “I Dare You” thing on her computer. Especially after the “She’s cute, this is gonna be fun.” text. Creeeeeepy.

Why is it when Jane tries to convince anyone that they are in danger, they refuse to believe? Granted his job was harder this time since he couldn’t tell Darcy that it was Red John, but still.

“Is this about Darcy or keeping Red John for yourself?” – Whoa, what a question.

“What can you get for $127.68?”
“You can go crazy at the Olive Garden.” – Haha! Oh Cho, you slay me.

Rudolf Martin (aka “Ari” from NCIS) as the dealer. You know, when he’s not trying to kill a few of my favorite characters. He’s unbelievably hot. Just sayin’.

“What’d you whisper to him?” “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Okay so maybe he’s not as hot when he’s spitting on a table…ick.

“Don’t be naive. Men lie. and kill.” – Youch. Sounds like Grace is still having a rough time.

Literally shaking my head at the lengths Jane is having to go to protect his story. Planting a murder weapon with a dead (and innocent) man’s finger prints on it? Wow.

Jane coming in and solving the murder in less than three minutes. I bet that must be some kind of record for him.

Jane pretending to be shocked that Mayor could be the killer of the San Joaquin Killer. Absolutely brilliant. He knows that’s the best way to convince Darcy she had the right guy.

Jane finishing that letter at the funeral and realizing how many of those words were his own. Not just because he wrote it, but because those were his thoughts and feelings after Red John took his family.

“Hunting monsters changes you.” – Truer words, Jane. Talk about a changed man.

What did you think of this episode of The Mentalist? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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